“For us, I have a hard job,” Pegula said, via the Buffalo News. “I’ve got one team that’s building and one team that’s peaking. You have to adapt for two different groups. We don’t have a ton of crossover, actually, believe it or not. We have a few, not as many as you would think, living in the same market that is a ticket buyer to both.”

Many Bills fans were angry at the comment on there being little crossover between the fanbases, noting that owners Kim and Terry Pegula had pushed a “One Buffalo” theme of togetherness for both the Bills and Sabres and their fans. Bills players have regularly appeared at Sabres games, and vice versa. Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White has even joked about having never given  up a goal as goalie in high school — his Louisiana school did not have hockey — and operating a fictional goalie academy.

Others were critical of the Pegulas’ attention to both teams.

“This is coming from the person who said they had more knowledge then the regular fan. She is so out of touch with the fanbase I am shocked she remembers she runs the Sabres. Then again, look at their record since purchasing the team,” one fan tweeted.

But some noted that the outrage appeared to miss the mark, as Kim Pegula was not questioning whether fans supported both teams, and was instead making a comment on the small number of fans who own season tickets to both.

As the Buffalo News noted, the Sabres averaged just 8,657 tickets sold per game this season, which is last place in the NHL by a significant margin.