2 Curses Haunt the Bills in Week 9, Fans Prepare for Big Upset

Josh Allen curse

Getty Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills against the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium on October 18, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Buffalo Bills (5-2) are heavily favored to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-6) on Sunday, however, fans are worried about not one, but two “curses” ruining the team’s chances of winning in Week 9.

Even though the Bills open as 14-point favorites to win, meaning they’re expected to win by more than two touchdowns against the Jaguars, their choice of uniforms has fans wishing they’d wear something else other than white jerseys and blue pants on Sunday.

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During all the Bills’ losses in 2020, they were wearing white jerseys with blue pants. And you can guess what the Bills wearing when they narrowly lost to the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football.

The Bills will once again be wearing white jerseys with blue pants on Sunday, a combination that has proved lethal for the team. “White on Blue need to be retired and never worn again,” one fan tweeted on Wednesday.

Buffalo Rumblings reporter Matt Warren did a deep dive into the jersey combo theory during the Bills’ bye week. Since head coach Sean McDermott became head coach in 2017, Buffalo has a 43% win percentage in white/blue (9-10), compared to an 80% win percentage (4-1) when they wear red on red.

The Bills have a 65% win percentage (15-8) when they wear blue jerseys with white pants. When the team wears white jerseys and white pants, they have a 61% win percentage (13-8).

However, the worst dress combination for the Bills is when they wear blue on blue, where they have a 43% win percentage (3-4), so maybe that’s the outfit that needs to be retired.

The 2nd Curse? Josh Allen Appearing on ManningCast During Monday Night Football

Former NFL quarterbacks Eli Manning and Peyton Manning have become a hit on Monday Night Football with their ManningCast presentations, however, guests who appear on their show end up taking hit during their next game.

WGR 550 tweeted on Wednesday, NFL stars may want to be wary of joining the ESPN “Manning Cast” for “Monday Night Football,” as every single active player to join so far this year has lost his next game.”

Bills’ superstar quarterback Josh Allen appeared on the Manning brothers’ show this past Monday, which is not sitting well with anyone. Audacy Sports’ John Healy wrote, “There is just no way the Bills, a legitimate Super Bowl contender, could possibly fall to the Jaguars, right? Right? If so, then surely the ‘Manning Curse’ is legit.”

Between the jerseys and Allen appearing on ManningCast, it’s too much for some people. One fan tweeted, “Bills gonna lose this week……….Josh Allen on the Manning-Cast AND Wearing White Jerseys with Blue pants (cursed combo).”

Others hope that pitting the two curses together will actually turn into good luck. “Maybe the White on blue and the manning cast curses cancel each other out,” another person tweeted.

NFL Analysts Also Worry That Sunday’s Game Might Be Cursed

While Halloween has passed and this curse may sound like some silly hocus pocus, Twitter blew up with concerns from NFL analysts.

WROC-TV’s Thad Brown tweeted on November 1, Everyone loves the ManningCast right?
Josh Allen is on tonight. If the #Bills lose to the JAGUARS! and continue this curse, no active player will ever go on again. Not overstating it to say a national institution is on the line this week. Can’t imagine that pressure.”

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DraftKings‘ David Fucillo is also worried about the ManningCast curse. “It can be tough laying double digits in the spread, so the curse might be enough to push some folks over the top in backing the Jaguars,” Fucillo wrote. “I don’t know about taking them +575 on the moneyline, but covering that 14 might not be the worst idea in the world coming out of Allen’s ManningCast appearance.”

“Of course, when the Bills stomp the Jaguars by three or four touchdowns, we’ll all look back on this and laugh at our naivete.”

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