Century Wavemaster XXL: Made for Killer Workouts

century wavemaster xxl


Stuck at home or can’t get to the gym? Not to worry, the Century Wavemaster XXL is here to solve that problem. All of Century’s free standing punching bags are designed to provide killer at-home workouts and the Wavemaster XXL features the largest striking surface of them all.

The Wavemaster XXL is suitable for punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes, and more. It will also improve cardio, hand-eye coordination, strength, and confidence. Whatever martial arts or training style you prefer, the Wavemaster XXL can handle it, whether it be boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, MMA, karate, taekwondo, and more.

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century wavemaster XXL

The Wavemaster XXL is ideal for both kicks and punches. (Century)

What are the Dimensions of the Century Wavemaster XXL?

As mentioned above, the XXL has the largest striking surface of all the Wavemaster models. The bag section is 52 inches tall with a diameter of 18 inches. Lock into the base and the entire bag stands 69 inches in height. Simply fill the base with sand or water and it can weigh up to 270 pounds, strong enough to take the hardest strikes. It doesn’t take up much space, either. And if it needs to be moved to storage just tilt it on its base and roll it to where it’s needed to go.

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century wavemaster xxl


What is the Wavemaster XXL Striking Surface Made of?

The striking surface is durably constructed with a high quality vinyl cover and filled with high-density foam, which provides both protection and shock absorption. The low-profile base and weight distribution, the Wavemaster XXL is built for longevity even after the toughest and most strenuous workouts.

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Can the Wavemaster XXL be Used for Ground Training?

The Wavemaster XXL isn’t exactly built for ground training, but if you are looking for a grappling dummy, the Century VS1Versys Fight Simulator does it all. Weighing 100 pounds, the freestanding bag can be used for both kicking and punching as well as ground training.

It’s got top handles to grab when working on knee strikes and it has natural rebounding properties. The requires no installation and has durable vinyl cover, foam interior padding, and a sand-filled base.

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Browse a wider selection of grappling and punching dummies for more options.

century versys fight simulator

The Versys Fight Simulator can be used for both kicking/punching and ground training. (Century)

What is the different between the Century Wavemaster XXL & the Century BOB?

BOB (Body Opponent Bag) is another freestanding bag from Century but with features a realistic “person” as a target. It offers realistic training thanks to its life-like look and vinyl “skin.” And the fact that BOB resembles a human, it’s ideal for visualizing the landing spots of your strikes. While the Century Wavemaster XXL is one height, the BOB can adjust from 60 to 78 inches so it caters to users of all sizes.

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The original Century Bob. (Century)