Billy Donovan Slams Controversial Bucks Player After ‘Dangerous’ Play

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The Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan doesn’t take kindly to dirty plays against his players. On Friday night after a hard-fought 94-90 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, Donovan laid into Grayson Allen after his flagrant-2 foul against Alex Caruso left the Bulls guard down on the floor for minutes.

Allen was ejected for the play. In case you missed it, here’s a look at the foul. You have to see Allen’s second arm and hand come through with the violent whipping action:

Caruso stayed in the game, but after the game he said his wrist was bothering him a bit. Donovan is not normally the guy who goes after a player on his team or an opponent.

This time, he made his displeasure for Allen’s actions known. Take a look at Donovan talking about the play in the video below:

Here is a transcript of Donovan’s response from 670 The Score’s Cody Westerlund:

To make matters a little worse, Allen left the floor smirking and playfully interacting with his teammates after the foul and ejection.

Another telling point in the entire ordeal was revealed during the post-game presser with Caruso. He was asked if Allen checked on him after the foul. Caruso said he didn’t, and also called the foul “bull$$$$.”

Allen’s history of dirty plays and questionable on-court behavior dates all the way back to his college days at Duke. It comes as no surprise Donovan wasn’t the only one sounding off on the latest Allen controversy.

Twitter Reacts to Grayson Allen Flagrant Foul

Members of the media and NBA Twitter at large went after Allen for his foul on Twitter. Forbes’ Jason Patt wants to see Allen removed from the NBA.

An obviously non-objective entry came from popular Bulls-centric Twitter account, the Arturas Karnisovas Fan Club, and he doesn’t believe Allen would have gotten off as easy if Chicago’s Javonte Green was playing.

Chicago sports insider Daniel Greenberg flat called it a dirty play.

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Big Cat of Barstool Sports doesn’t mince words with his take on the foul and Allen in general.

Former NBA champion Richard Jefferson takes note of Allen’s post-foul antics and considers it typical for someone with Allen’s earned reputation.

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley thinks this isn’t the first time Allen has been cruel to a peer.

Herb Lawrence of 670 The Score called Allen a “thug,” and SB Nation’s ricky O’Donnell also used the “t” word to describe the Bucks’ controversial forward.

Podcast host Ryan Russilo might have summed it up best.


Grayson Allen’s History of Dirty Play

In case you were wondering why Allen is seen as a dirty player, take a look a this compilation of plays and you’ll understand.

Because of Allen’s repeat behavior, at some point, the NBA does need to step in. Hopefully the league isn’t waiting for Allen to seriously injure someone.

Allen needs to be disciplined and warned about controlling himself. If he receives another Flagrant-2 foul there should be a suspension, but a certain amount during an NBA career should cost a player an entire season.

Perhaps they should adopt this rule and make Allen’s flagrant foul count retroactive.


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