Patrick Mahomes Had Words for Baker Mayfield After Beating Browns

Getty Images Quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Kansas City Chiefs got the best of the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, but Patrick Mahomes is anticipating that he’ll see Baker Mayfield and Co. again at some point this season.

In a video released from the postgame handshakes between players, Mahomes can be heard trying to find Mayfield.

“Where’s 6 at?” Mahomes asks his former teammate and now Browns running back Kareem Hunt. Soon Mahomes finds Mayfield and delivers his message.

“Keep leading them bro,” Mahomes tells Mayfield. “We’ll see y’all later in the year.”

That’s quite a bit of respect from Mahomes, who is acknowledging that the Browns will be an obstacle in the postseason as his Chiefs go for a third consecutive Super Bowl berth. Cleveland nearly ended Kansas City’s run in the Divisional Round last season, but the Chiefs escaped with a 22-17 victory.

The Browns had KC on the ropes in the opener but allowed their 29-20 fourth-quarter lead to disintegrate due to multiple errors, falling 33-29. The contest ended on a rough Mayfield interception as he was trying to throw the ball away.

“I wanted to throw it out of bounds,” Mayfield explained this week. “You can say throw it away earlier, but then the coaching points of me trying to use my legs, scramble out and take advantage of some of the free yards, there is going to be some criticism either way regardless. Just try to find a way to not have a negative play.”

Baker Mayfield’s Leadership Shining

Baker Mayfield: "It comes down to us doing our job"Baker Mayfield addresses the media before practice on September 15th, 2021. #PlayerSound2021-09-15T16:18:53Z

After the opening week loss to the Chiefs, Mayfield gave a speech in the locker room in an effort to rally the troops, reminding them it’s just one of 17.

“Be critical of yourself. Absolutely should be, and I’ll be damned if we’re not because we expect to go in there and win,” Mayfield said. “But there’s also more opportunities, so you have to roll with the punches, face adversity. How do you handle it? How do you handle it the next week? How do you approach the week of practice and how do you know how to show up the next week?”

The message resonated with his teammates, including running back Nick Chubb, who had a costly fumble in the second half against the Chiefs.

“I think for me personally, I was thinking like the season was over again ’cause that’s how it ended last year. I had to take a second, step back and realize we have 16 more [games] to go,” Browns running back Nick Chubb said, reflecting on Mayfield’s speech. “So it’s not the end of the world. We did lose, but we can correct some things. Me personally, I can correct a lot of things, and we can go from there.”

Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Has Message for Ronnie Harrison

The matchup between the Chiefs and Browns started with some controversy, with Cleveland’s starting safety, Ronnie Harrison, being ejected after shoving a Kansas City coach. Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Matthews, weighed in on the incident via Twitter.

“Excuse me, don’t be pushing people from the start sir,” Matthews tweeted.

“What the flying frick,” she added. “He just hit our coach? I’m confused.”

Harrison was sent packing but the Chiefs coach, Greg Lewis, remained on the sideline. No suspensions are expected out of the situation, despite the Browns’ recent pleas.

The Browns have a chance to bounce back against the Texans this week. The Chiefs get the Ravens in prime time.

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