Legendary Cowboys QB Unsure on Dak Prescott’s Future in Dallas

Dak Prescott Cowboys

Getty The Cowboys regret not signing Dak Prescott sooner.

Questions continue to surround Dak Prescott’s future with the Dallas Cowboys as he recovers from a serious ankle injury while negotiating a long-term contract. Few people know the Cowboys like two-time Super Bowl champion Roger Staubach, and Heavy had a chance to catch up with the legendary quarterback on all things NFL as well as his partnership with USAA.

Staubach expressed uncertainty over how Prescott’s situation will play out, but he is hoping the Cowboys can find a long-term solution to keep the quarterback in Dallas.

“Well, I don’t know [if Prescott and the Cowboys will reach a deal],” Staubach admitted. “You know, the only thing, I was a quarterback and there wasn’t any fetishes on your contract. It was the honor system on the pay, so there wasn’t negotiating. Today, there’s a salary cap, so you want to be sure you can put together a team on the field that is winning because players have developed a winning attitude, and part of that is how much they get paid. So, that’s the only thing, I don’t know what’s going on there.”

Staubach Wants Prescott’s Contract to Allow the Cowboys to Build a Great Roster

Staubach expressed concern over the Cowboys giving Prescott such a large contract that the franchise is unable to build a contending team around the quarterback. The former Cowboys signal-caller wonders if it might be wise for Prescott to consider leaving a little money on the table for the trajectory of his career.

“I don’t know if it’s the years or the money,” Staubach added. “If it’s the money, there’s only so much money I think they can distribute to the team. Again, I just hope that they get Dak signed because I personally really like Dak. I think he is a really great player, but I also want to make sure he is surrounded with really good players, too.”

With Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott’s lucrative deals, the Cowboys will likely have little wiggle room once Prescott is signed to a long-term extension. It will be worth watching how the story plays out in Dallas, especially given Prescott’s unfortunate injury. All indications are Prescott is already crushing his rehab process.

The Cowboys Are Reportedly Considering the Franchise Tag Again for Prescott in 2021

Prescott’s future may linger into the 2022 offseason as the Cowboys can once again franchise tag Prescott for next season. CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora reported that the Cowboys are “prepared to tag” Prescott again in 2021 even after the recent injury scare.

“Jerry Jones is prepared to tag quarterback Dak Prescott again in 2021, according to numerous sources with knowledge of the situation, setting up another offseason of negotiations between the beloved player and the front office,” La Canfora explained. “…The Cowboys have already had internal discussions about the matter, I’m told, and the tag is viewed as an inevitability at this point and a precursor to talks aimed at securing Prescott’s rights well beyond 2021.”

LaCanfora added that Jerry Jones still views Prescott as the Cowboys’ long-term solution at quarterback. Jones sees the franchise tag as part of the negotiation process but believes Prescott is an “essential player” for the Cowboys.

“The injury has not altered their willingness to do that, sources said, and that remains a near certainty come February when the period to apply the tag is scheduled to begin,” LaCanfora noted. “Jones has a deep affinity for Prescott, which was unwavering despite a negotiating process that was far from smooth, and views him as an essential player in his quest to win another Lombardi Trophy.”

Staubach Is Partnering With USAA to Honor Veterans

As a veteran, Staubach remains passionate about honoring the military members even as he stays locked in on the NFL. Staubach is partnering with USAA in the Salute to Service Sweepstakes which gives veterans the opportunity to win an Ultimate Fan Cave. Military members and veterans can click here for your chance to win through November 30.

“I’ve really been part of USAA for a really long time, especially on Veteran’s Day, I get a chance to talk to veterans and be part of the veterans’ [community],” Staubach explained. “I was in the service for four years. I’ve got so many good friends that are still in the Naval Academy and military. It’s fun, we do a number of things as veterans.”

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