Broncos Troll Cowboys After Blowout Loss, Mike McCarthy Responds

mike mcCarthy vic fangio

Getty Mike McCarthy is not panicking about the Dallas Cowboys.

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio had no problem taking a victory lap after the team’s surprising win over the Dallas Cowboys. Fangio started his postgame press conference with a tweak to a line Cowboys fans are very familiar with.

“How about them Broncos as Jimmy Johnson used to say,” Fangio said with a smile as he began his media session.

Fangio also did not hold back when asked about how the Broncos corners matched up with the Cowboys receivers.

“For 56 minutes, it was a goose egg, you can answer that question,” Fangio responded.

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Fangio on Cowboys: ‘Teams Just Haven’t Played Them the Right Way’

To be clear, the Broncos’ victory over the Cowboys was one of the best wins of any NFL team so far this season. It is still interesting comments from a team that has hovered around .500 for the majority of the season and a coach that appears to be on the hot seat. Fangio later added that the Cowboys’ previous opponents, “haven’t played them the right way.”

“I just felt we had the right stuff to give ourselves a chance,” Fangio explained. “We just had to do it the right way, call it the right way, which I’m in charge of, so you know that’s going to be taken care of, and I just felt okay about. I don’t say, oh good about it, teams just haven’t played them the right way.

“They are super talented and they may score 35 points the rest of the season in every game, okay. Because they’re really good. They got talent at every position. How many times did we come close to sacking Prescott today, and we don’t get him down? That’s talent, that’s not luck, that’s talent, and he has it and they’re a great team, and I don’t expect them to lose many more games.”

McCarthy on Fangio: ‘That’s Good to Hear Him Beating His Own Drum’

The Broncos also took exception to the Cowboys propensity for going for it on fourth down. Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy joked about Fangio, “beating his own drum.”

Dak Prescott scoffed at the notion that the Broncos defense showed a blueprint for future teams to defend the Cowboys. Prescott emphasized that he hopes teams use a similar scheme in the future, an idea that was co-signed by McCarthy.

“This is a copycat league, and I just told [that] the team, so get ready, I hope they do, too,” McCarthy responded during his November 8 press conference. “Vic played us very aggressive. That’s good to hear him beating his own drum. The way their linebacker depth, they had their linebackers at three yards and safeties were up and usually would [in] that case should make their corners tackle, but they played us aggressive. They went for it, and I think you want that from the other team. So, I agree with Dak.”