Cowboys Backup QB Goes Viral, Urged by Fans to Replace Dak Prescott

Cowboys QBs Cooper Rush, Dak Prescott

Getty Cowboys QBs Cooper Rush, Dak Prescott

At around the same time Dak Prescott nearly gave away the Dallas Cowboys‘ Week 14 win against the Washington Football Team, his backup, Cooper Rush, began trending on social media. Naturally.

Scores of Cowboys fans took to Twitter on Sunday, December 12 to levy criticism upon Prescott, whose late-fourth-quarter pick-six — this truly dreadful decision — cut what had been a 24-0 blowout into a meager 27-20 advantage. The team eked out the victory, but it came at the expense of Dak’s standing within the fan base.

Prescott finished the afternoon 22-of-39 for 211 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions, recording a season-worst 9.9 QBR. The $160 million signal-caller has more turnovers (3) than TD passes (2) over the past two weeks, and just one 300-yard aerial outing since October 17 — the day he suffered a right calf strain that may still be affecting his play, speculation holds.

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‘He Looks Like Hot Garbage’

Some inhabitants of Cowboys Nation did not limit their musings to mere criticism, however. Some went well above reproach, calling for Rush to replace Prescott as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback. Yes, really.

A smattering:

“We have to discuss Dak’s two interceptions,” tweeted @Alize83660247. “He looks like hot garbage. Is he playing hurt? Because if that’s not it, then we have a problem. He needs to have a seat and let Cooper Rush take the reigns or fix his mess and get it together. His mind is not on the game.”

“I’m sorry, if the Cowboys had a good quarterback they would be Super Bowl contenders?!! Dak Sucks! And now we’re we’re stuck with another Huge contract to hold us down?!! I’m ready for Cooper Rush at this point?! C’mon Jerry?!!” tweeted @Edhensel8.

“This won’t be popular but I’m ready to see Cooper Rush and let Dak rest since he must be injured because he doesn’t look like a 40 million per year QB,” tweeted @BishopRandy.

“Maybe Cooper Rush is the guy; maybe he isn’t. But until you get someone clearly better, start him,” tweeted @ZionCourtRomo.

“Give me Cooper Rush against the Giants next week so I can win in peace please,” tweeted @DBisJONNy.

“Don’t insult Cooper Rush,” tweeted @DoudThomas. “I am convinced Dak is horrendously overrated. He will no doubt either be the weakest quarterback in the playoffs or should be benched before then.”

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Dak Vents Frustration After Game

The Cowboys’ league-leading offense looked nothing like a top-ranked unit against the Football Team, going 7-for-18 on third down and 1-of-6 in the red zone. It wasn’t the best showing from suddenly-embattled coordinator Kellen Moore, whose game plan resulted in a paltry 4.3 yards per play across 14 drives.

Speaking after the game, Prescott shouldered blame for his sloppy performance, for which there was “no excuse,” and conceded “it’s frustrating” not to put up more than two second-half field goals in a crucial divisional tilt.

“We’ve got high standards and high expectations for ourselves,” Prescott told reporters, via the official team website. “So when you’re not moving the ball and not scoring points – you’re only scoring, what, six points in the second half – it’s not acceptable.”

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Wayne Koch
Wayne Koch
5 months ago

I wish you people complaining about Dak had any kind of football knowledge before you gave your opinions. Seriously, if you knew anything you would see that cooper rush is not a starting caliber QB in the NFL, not to mention in the same league as Dak as a starting QB. Guess what? It’s not Dak that’s the problem with our offense, nor is it Zeke either. They both are playing as good as they can be and no matter who you put behind center, would look just as bad if not worse. News flash for all the haters, it’s not Dak but our offensive line that’s the problem, especially at the left gaurd who is usually played by a pro bowl gaurd in Tyron Smith, who has been injured all season and has been trying to play through these injuries. If you notice the games he plays and is somewhat healthy, we dominate the game, but as soon as he is out and we put someone else in his position, we get pushed around and our offense struggles to do anything. Dak starts throwing interceptions and Zeke looks like he is washed up, when in reality it’s our offensive line getting constantly beaten and not making the blocks necessary. You can even go back to last season and see Dak got hurt because Tyron Smith was out that game. And when your offensive line can’t block anybody, especially your left gaurd, that creates all kinds of other problems as well, all the way down to your defense. If you can’t block anyone then your offense is 4 and out Everytime which puts way more strain on the defense because they are always on the field and get tired that by the second half we are getting beat on both sides of the ball. Basically it all starts and stops with the offensive line, especially in Dallas and especially at the left tackle position. Don’t believe me? Just research every time Tyron has been out of a game and see what kind of record we have and how good of a game the QB had. We should be upset at Jerry for not drafting a left gaurd in the draft last year as it was pretty obvious Tyron wasn’t going to make it through the season again and we should have addressed that problem 2 years ago but he hasn’t and has been gambling on tyron being healthy. I’m so sick and tired of explaining this to all the so called Dallas fans wanting to replace Dak or Zeke when they seem to be struggling when it’s not them. Look at last year when just about our whole line was hurt and look at the miserable season we had with Dak getting injured to Zeke having a off season and our defense being horrible as well. You will see our whole line was injured and so our whole team struggled because of it. Open your eyes and get informed about football or just keep your misinformed opinions to yourself. It absurd to be calling for Cooper rush or For Zeke to be replaced and shows how little knowledge you have about football because the problem is not with Dak or Zeke but our o line and why we are struggling right now. It starts with the offensive line and if it can get healthy, we will dominate just about everyone in the league but if they can’t get healthy then look for us to struggle to get wins. Fact, end of discussion

William Ball
William Ball
5 months ago

Pineapple head Elliot needs to worry about his own performance

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