Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Roasted for ‘Embarrassing’ Moment in Giants Win

Dak Prescott

Getty Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott smiles during an NFL game.

The Dallas Cowboys secured an important Thanksgiving win, but one weird moment on the game’s broadcast is turning the Internet’s focus on Dak Prescott.

Dallas secured a 28-20 win over the New York Giants, putting together a dominant second-half display to break away from the Giants and get the home win. Prescott turned around a poor first half to throw two key touchdowns in the second half.

However, a moment on FOX’s coverage showed the quarterback talking to the commentary team before the game. The angle, as well as Prescott holding his phone behind his back, showed what his phone screen looks like and, well, it looks familiar according to CBS Sports’ screenshot.

The Cowboys QB has himself as his lock screen, specifically a photo of him in his Cowboys gear and with his back to the photographer.

Of course, the moment social media picked up on the tidbit it became a major talking point as people debated on whether it’s bizarre or normal to have a photo of one’s self as their lock screen.

NFL Fans Sound Off on Prescott

After photos of Prescott’s phone started gaining traction, the jokes and roasts poured in from fans of the Cowboys’ rival and just neutrals watching Thanksgiving football.

“having yourself as your lockscreen is crazy,” @stockxsucks posted on Thursday.

One Washington Commanders fan decided to take a shot at Dak’s ability, saying that the quarterback is only “mid.”

“Dude sees a mid QB everytime he picks up his phone,” @WentzToMcLaurin Tweeted, but @joe_swanson121 was quick with a response: “that mid qb owns your team.”

A Cowboys fan named after Emmitt Smith defended the Dallas QB, explaining that his personal life and career may warrant his background.

“Wow an nfl player with no family and kids has a picture of himself as an NFL athlete as his background which he worked his whole life to achieve… so weird!” @Emmitt_Smith30 wrote.

One response is being heavily debated due to it claiming that Prescott’s phone screen is related to the Cowboys’ team policy. For what it’s worth, there’s no verification on this claim.

“Actually its team policy,” @oilersdog Tweeted. “Just in case someone loses their phone the trainers can identify it and return it to them.”

Cowboys QB Rebounds on Thanksgiving

All things considered, the Cowboys were doing well to only be down 13-7 at halftime against the Giants. The Dallas defense kept New York at bay, despite Prescott throwing two interceptions in the first half and the team turning the ball over on downs in their own half.

However, Prescott sparked a second-half comeback with a touchdown toss to tight end Dalton Schultz to open the second half. He hooked up again with Schultz on the very next drive, and suddenly the Cowboys were up 21-13.

They added an exclamation point to their comeback with a Peyton Hendershot rushing touchdown on their third drive of the second half, and Dallas was sitting pretty heading into the final stages of the game.

Prescott may be the subject of roasts right now, but the quarterback put together an impressive display in the second half.

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