Cowboys Urged to Sign Former $8 Million 4-Time Pro Bowler Over OBJ

Odell Beckham Jr.

Getty The Cowboys met with star receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Much has been made about the Dallas Cowboys’ decision on a potential offer to Odell Beckham Jr., but the playmaker may not be the best available option for Big D.’s Patrik Walker believes that the Cowboys would be wise to pursue four-time Pro Bowler T.Y. Hilton rather than Beckham given his current health predicament.

“It’s another week of OBJ talk and speculation (not for me because I’m over it), but I have a question: With everything the Cowboys now know about the OBJ situation…Wouldn’t T.Y. Hilton be better?” Walker stated in a series of December 12, 2022 tweets. “I could make several points as to why this might be the case, including an ability to contribute in 2022 (would simply need a ramp-up period). Just saying. 🤔 🔬”

Like Beckham, Hilton has not played since last season when the wideout notched 23 receptions for 331 yards and three touchdowns during his 10 appearances for the Colts in 2021. By comparison, Beckham had 44 catches for 537 yards and five touchdowns during his 14 games with the Browns and Rams last season. The biggest difference is Beckham was able to make a significant impact during the Rams’ Super Bowl run adding 21 receptions for 288 yards and two touchdowns during his four postseason games.

Jones Denied That the Cowboys Have Given Up on Signing OBJ

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones continues to keep the Beckham rumors alive, despite the receiver admitting he has no plans to play before the postseason. After the Cowboys’ victory over the Texans in Week 14, Jones squashed the notion that Dallas has given up on their pursuit of Beckham.

“Not at all [given up on Beckham], period, not at all with a big exclamation point,” Jones said during a December 11 media session. “That’s it and that’s all I really want to say.”

Would Hilton Be a Better Signing for the Cowboys Than Beckham?

To Walker’s original question, would Dallas be more prudent to sign Hilton over Beckham for this season given there are no known questions about his health? Despite the Cowboys insistence on Beckham contributing this season, there are few signs that this is a realistic possibility. Even in Beckham’s ideal scenario of spending a month with his new team before playing in the playoffs, the reality is that the receiver will not have caught a meaningful pass from his new quarterback before stepping onto the field in the postseason.

Hilton may not have the same health concerns, but the receiver also has not played this season after not participating in any team’s training camp. Would Hilton represent much of an upgrade over receiver James Washington, who just played his first game since joining Dallas during the offseason.

If the Cowboys can get past Beckham likely making a minimal impact this season, it is still a wiser move to add the playmaker over Hilton. Once fully healthy, Beckham possesses a much higher upside than Hilton. The Cowboys could sign Beckham to a multi-year contract with eyes on 2023 before the star can make a significant impact. Neither Hilton or Beckham is likely to make the Dallas offense better during the postseason, and Jones would be better suited signing the playmaker who holds the biggest long-term upside.

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