Cowboys Veteran Named as Cut Candidate for Potential Odell Beckham Jr. Move

Mike McCarthy

Getty Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy calls out during an NFL game.

As the buzz surrounding Odell Beckham Jr. and the Dallas Cowboys continues, it’s worth thinking about who on the roster will have to depart for the wide receiver.

It’s the nature of the 53-man roster: there’s not enough space for everyone, and putting a team together can be like a puzzle with those limitations. With Beckham potentially joining the roster, Dallas has to decide who will be leaving to make space.

105.3 The Fan host Bryan Broadus thinks wide receiver James Washington could be that potential player on the outs. Washington has yet to play for the Cowboys since his foot fracture in training camp but appears to be nearing the end of his recovery.

On Twitter, a fan asked Broadus about his status and if Dallas could be getting ready to let Washington go.

“@BryanBroaddus any word on Washington , seems like he should be back and no mention of a setback . I wonder if Odell negotiations will allow them to medically settle with Washington rather then cut Tolbert just yet if Odell signs,” @DsymonsJr Tweeted.
Broadus believes the fan has correctly predicted the “plan,” and that Washington remaining inactive and OBJ coming to Dallas are “tied together.”

It’s a tough break for Washington, but it’s hard to blame the Cowboys for picking OBJ over the former Pittsburgh Steelers star.

Washington Looking for 2019 Success

When Dallas signed Washington this past offseason, there was reason for optimism. He had produced at a solid level for a No. 2 or No. 3 receiver, and Dallas needed help at that position.

But his last two years with Pittsburgh saw significant drops in production as he totaled just 677 receiving yards over 31 games in 2020 and 2021 according to Pro Football Reference. It was a far cry from the 735 receiving yards he earned in 2019, his best season in the league.

Joining the Cowboys was supposed to be a fresh start, but the former Oklahoma State star suffered a foot fracture at an unfortunate time in late July. The injury was supposed to sideline him for as little as six weeks, but the Cowboys are entering Week 13 and Washington is yet to play.

Medically settling his salary may be the best solution for both sides if Beckham does join Dallas, but OBJ signing with the Cowboys isn’t a guarantee yet either.

Cowboys Will Pay ‘Extra’ for OBJ

Part of the pursuit of Beckham is about what Dallas will pay him. After an impressive stint with the Los Angeles Rams, Beckham is understandably trying to maximize his pay.

What his contract will look like (for the Cowboys or another NFL team) remains to be seen. But we do know what Washington is making this year, as Spotrac shows he is on a one-year, $1.19 million deal.

Whether Dallas pays him all of his remaining salary or cuts a deal to pay him less, Washington’s contract is cheap enough that it should not be a major factor. Dallas has $7.29 million in cap space, so even if he’s still due $500,000 or more it should be something the Cowboys can afford.

The most important factor is OBJ’s contract demands. Washington’s settlement won’t price Dallas out of a deal, but Beckham could.

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