Dak Prescott Has ‘No Leverage’ After Cowboys Trade Rumors, Says Analyst

Dak Prescott Contract

Getty Dak Prescott is set to earn a lot of money in 2021.

Dak Prescott is losing leverage to the Dallas Cowboys amidst the recent Russell Wilson trade rumors, at least according to Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd. During a recent episode of The Herd, Cowherd argued that Wilson adding the Cowboys to his list of approved trade destinations hurts Prescott’s negotiating position.

“I think Dak had leverage a week ago, I absolutely do,” Cowherd explained. “Now, this story comes out, now he’s got no leverage. So, that’s the downside to kind of playing your hardball hand. Playing your leverage because Dak had a ton of leverage until yesterday. And now it’s like, bruh, you don’t have any leverage. If I am Jerry Jones, I make the call today. The question is does Seattle like what Dallas can give them? Do they like the No. 10 pick in several rounds this year?…Dallas is fascinating. You’ve got a deal-making owner with a quarterback dilemma that he likes and doesn’t love.”

Here is a look at Cowherd’s comments on Prescott’s situation with the Cowboys.

Cowherd on Dak-Russ Trade: ‘I Get a Better Quarterback for Half the Cap Hit’

A Prescott for Wilson swap is more complicated than it appears given the Cowboys quarterback would have to sign the franchise tag before being dealt to Seattle. It essentially functions like the no-trade clause that Wilson has, but it looks like the Seahawks quarterback would be willing to waive to go to Dallas. Aside from trading one of the top NFL quarterbacks, the $39 million dead cap hit also makes a trade problematic for the Seahawks.

Cowherd’s larger point is that the presence of other quarterback options could impact the Prescott negotiations. We are on year two of a long-term deal not being reached, and the two sides are apart on a few items including the length of the deal. Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio reported last offseason that Prescott wants a four-year deal that would allow him to potentially cash in sooner on the upcoming NFL television contracts. The Cowboys want Prescott under contract for five years.

“Dak with a franchise tag is 20 percent [of the Cowboys’ salary cap],” Cowherd explained. “Russell Wilson goes to the Cowboys, he’s less than 11 percent. So, think about that. Jerry can get on the phone at 78, he wants a Super Bowl. I get a better quarterback for half the cap hit because Dallas won’t have to pay that $13 million-a-year signing bonus. Don’t have to pay it. Dallas also, this is interesting, of all the teams that Russell Wilson mentioned, Dallas has the highest draft pick. The advantage is of course they can call Pete Carroll and say, ‘Okay, we’ll give you Dak. We’ll give you the No. 10 pick.’ That’s just the starting point.”

The Cowboys Have Denied Having an Interest in Trading for Wilson

The Cowboys are reportedly focused on signing Prescott to a long-term extension rather than trading for Wilson. NFL insiders Josina Anderson and Jane Slater both reported the Cowboys emphasized their commitment to Prescott amidst the latest Wilson rumors.

“Seems like that article this morning might have ruffled a feather or two?” Anderson explained on Twitter. “Snap source reaction out of Seattle: ‘No comment.’ Snap reaction from a source out of Dallas: ‘Dak is our QB. Still working on getting something done.'”

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