Mavericks Urged to Trade for $18 Million Bucks Sharpshooter

grayson allen Milwaukee Bucks

Getty Grayson Allen #7, Khris Middleton #22 and Giannis Antetokounmpo #34 of the Milwaukee Bucks.

If the Dallas Mavericks continue at this pace, superstar Luka Doncic will have one of the NBA’s highest usage rates in recorded history. And yes, so far, that formula is working(ish), with the Mavs sitting at 6-5 and seventh in a crowded Western Conference.

If Dallas wants to continue playing Luka-ball, it would behoove them to surround the star with guys capable of pulling up anywhere on the court. In theory, that list includes guys like Tim Hardaway, Jr. and Reggie Bullock. In reality, though, both players have a 43 percent eFG, well below the league average of 58 percent.

But with the Milwaukee Bucks gauging the league on Grayson Allen’s trade value, the Mavericks might make an ideal suitor. At least that’s true according to Bleacher Report’s Jake Rill, who identified the Mavs as an excellent suitor for the $18 million sharpshooter.

“With the Mavericks likely to be a playoff contender in the Western Conference this season, Allen would improve their rotation and help fill a key role that they’re lacking, making them a bigger postseason threat.”

How a Deal Could Come Together

While Rill didn’t piece together any potential swap, it isn’t hard to imagine what the Bucks would seek in return. For starters, the Mavs can’t take on much in the way of additional salary unless it wishes to sink further into the luxury tax. So we have some salary-matching going on.

Further, the Bucks are likely only moving on from Allen because of his defensive inefficiencies. Meaning, in return for the shooter, Milwaukee is likely looking for someone who can play at least two rounds of playoff defense.

Dallas currently has the eighth-best defense according to defensive rating. Now, a big part of that is Doncic’s improved defense, and, if this wasn’t clear, Doncic isn’t going anywhere. But why couldn’t Dallas send the Bucks Bullock, who is one of Dallas’ better perimeter stoppers? In turn, that opens up space for Josh Green to continue ascending.

Maybe that’s not ideal, but let’s remember what the Mavs are getting in return.

“Allen would greatly improve that area of need for Dallas. He’s a career 39.5 percent shooter from beyond the arc, and in 11 games this season, he’s shooting 42.6 percent on threes, which would be his career best.”

Mavericks Need Shooting Help

The Mavericks closed out October on a high, going 6-1 and righting the ship after a slow start. But lately, one thing has been painfully clear: Luka can’t do this on his own.

“The Mavs are shooting 35 percent from three-point range, which ranks 19th in the NBA. That’s one of the reasons why they’re now 6-5, having dropped back-to-back road games against the Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards.”

Doncic is at his best when he’s a playmaker and suction on opposing defenses. Adding someone like Allen, who is capable of shooting from just about anywhere beyond the arc, would undoubtedly be a boost for Dallas. And it might allay concerns that Doncic could hit a production wall by Christmas. And if it means moving on from a player who’s not lived up to expectations this season, then so be it.

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