Aaron Rodgers’ Ex-Girlfriend Danica Patrick Sounds off on Relationship

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Getty Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick pictured at The 2018 ESPYS.

Aaron Rodgers is no longer dating Danica Patrick, and he does not appear to have a girlfriend heading into 2021. During a 2020 interview on The Rachel Hollis Show, Patrick opened up about what she is looking for in her next relationship and alluded to growing apart from the Packers quarterback.

“The next guy has his work cut out for him because my intuition, my standards, my boundaries, my wants and needs are off the charts,” Patrick said, according to 247Sports.com. “Because I’ve gotten to know me so much more. So it’s gonna be so much more narrow and specific. And I think that’s the challenge with a relationship. I said this at the beginning of the last relationship. I was like, ‘Look. You either grow together. One grows and one doesn’t. Or you grow apart.’ I have never experienced growth without pain.”

The former couple stopped making social media posts with each other last spring. Patrick’s representatives told Fox News in July 2020 that the couple is “no longer together.” Both Rodgers and Patrick have discussed their past relationship without mentioning the other person by name.

Aaron Rodgers Has Been Linked to Actress Shailene Woodley But It Appears to Be a Rumor

Since the breakup, Rodgers has been linked to actress Shailene Woodley, but so far there does not appear to be a lot of substance to the rumors. Rodgers has not publicly addressed the rumors with Woodley or his current relationship status.

The Packers quarterback’s Instagram page is dedicated to football and his business partnerships with no mention of a romantic interest since Patrick. Woodley discussed how she views relationships during an April 2020 interview with The New York Times.

“Listen, I’m someone who has experienced both an open relationship and a deeply monogamous relationship in my life, and I think we’re in a day and age where there should be no rules except for the ones designed by two people in a partnership — or three people, whatever floats your boat!” Woodley explained. “But there has to be a level of responsibility in any relationship dynamic, and that responsibility is simply honesty and communication and trust. Apart from that, it’s really none of our business what people choose to do with their lives.”

Rodgers: ‘I Have Just a New & Increased Love of Life’

During a September 2020 interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers seemed to reference his previous relationship with Patrick, noting he has been trying to do his best to surround himself with “people that [I] really enjoy.”

“I have just a new and increased love of life,” Rodgers explained, according to the New York Post. “And I’ve made decisions and changes and habits that put me in a lot better head space and there’s just a lot of things that have come together in my life over the last few months that have really been enjoyable and reminded me, given me perspective, on life and in football to view things through the most positive lens I possibly can. And that’s why I’m having so much fun and it starts with love. And then surrounding yourself with people that you really enjoy.”

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