Amon-Ra St. Brown Shares Awesome Update to Viral Fan Interaction

Amon-Ra St. Brown

Getty Amon-Ra St. Brown runs after a catch in a Lions vs. Giants game in 2022.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown made a young fan’s day a few weeks back in Chicago, but the best news is the story didn’t end with their sideline interaction.

St. Brown was spotted by a kid named Lucas while he was warming up. He took a minute to sign his jersey, take a photo and share some words of encouragement that meant the world to the fan. The interaction also meant a lot to St. Brown, who talked about it afterward.

The 33rd Team shared an interview with St. Brown in which he discusses the interaction. As he said, it was unlike anything he had experienced as a player up to this point in his career.

“I was warming up and I saw this kid on the side. I saw his dad and he said his son is battling cancer. I talked to Lucas, he goes ‘you’re my favorite player, can we take a picture?’ I was like sure. Took a picture with him. Signed his jersey, then he started breaking down. I’ve never had that happen to me since I’ve been playing football,” he said.

As St. Brown would go on to say, he couldn’t shake the thought that he needed to do even more for the youngster.

“After the game I was thinking about it, I was like, ‘I got to do something for this kid.’ Reached out, tweeted, found Lucas,” he said. “Crazy part is Anthony Pittman had me sign a ball in the locker room. Got everyone to sign the football. I didn’t know who I was signing it for. He said it was for him. He’s already known across the team. I’m going to get him a jersey this weekend. I talked to his dad, he said he wants a white jersey so hopefully I can get him a game worn white jersey.”

The story has come full circle in the best possible way for St. Brown as well as his young fan. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of the special interactions between the Lions and Lucas.

St. Brown’s Twitter Search Succeeded

St. Brown was warming up and saw a young child who had been diagnosed with cancer on the field. He ran over and said hello after being flagged down, taking a picture and signing his jersey.

After the game, St. Brown had one goal in mind, and it was finding Lucas once again.

“Can anyone get me in contact w Lucas!? He was at the game today & we shared a heartfelt conversation pregame together. I’d love to get him a signed game jersey #HelpMeFindLucas,” St. Brown tweeted.

The good news? Lucas’s father David Gidelski responded in the comments and explained that the interaction made his son’s day.

“Lucas is my son and that’s all he keeps talking about is his conversation w you and it made his year so thank!,” Gidelski tweeted.

As St. Brown said, he was happy to see Lucas before the game. He seems even more motivated to get him other jerseys in the future.

St. Brown Enjoyed Special Pregame Connection

What did the interaction sound and look like? NFL Films captured the moment that St. Brown and Lucas were connecting on the field, and it’s a great show for St. Brown.

The wideout takes time to chat with Lucas and take a picture, and also offer him some words of encouragement for the youngster. After being told Lucas was diagnosed with cancer, St. Brown had a special message for the youngster.

“You got it, nothing can stop you, alright?,” St. Brown says in the video after signing Lucas’s jersey.

It was the kind of moment that the family will remember forever, so props to St. Brown for taking some time to make a young Lions fan’s day. Even more credit to him for staying with the story and doing even more to help Lucas after the fact.

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