Lions Block Punt For First Time During 2020 Season [WATCH]

Jamie Collins

Getty Jamie Collins jumps on a blocked punt.

The Detroit Lions have made a habit of making big plays on special teams, and they turned in another one on Sunday to boost them early against the Indianapolis Colts.

After stopping the Colts on defense, the Lions rushed the punter and turned in a huge special teams play, blocking the kick and quickly recovering it. Miles Killebrew was the player to make the play, and he started the game in a big way on special teams with a hit on the opening kickoff of the game.

Here’s a look at the play:

Jamie Collins fell on the ball and managed to push it forward. After that, the Lions took only 2 plays and got themselves in the end zone with a touchdown from wideout Marvin Jones.

A play like a blocked punt can change the game in terms of momentum. It was an early salvo for the Lions, who used it to their advantage in what has been a close defensive game on the field.

Miles Killebrew Stats

The Lions’ former 3rd round pick safety has fought to find a consistent role on the team’s defense, but he has made a big impression on special teams, becoming a great player there with his ability to rush and show off his speed. This play was a big time example of that.

In his career, Killebrew has 98 career tackles, 2 interceptions and 1 touchdown. Even in spite of this, he seems to have found a huge hone on special tams and this kick block was a big one.

Lions Special Teams Elite

The Lions have been great this season on special teams with kicking and punting as well as some returns. Punter Jack Fox has shown off in a big way this season with leg strength as well as accuracy. Against the Arizona Cardinals, his punt pinned the team deep in their own territory late which allowed Detroit a chance to flip field position and eventually tie the game. Fox nearly had another superb pin, but Detroit’s gunner was ruled to have been in the end zone, nullifying the kick.

Fox has been everything a young punter needs to be, and hasn’t shown any jitters at all with the leg, which has been amazing to note. Certainly, the Lions are in good hands with Fox and Prater doing their kicking.

This season, Prater struggled the first few weeks from long distance missing a few field goals from 55 yards and beyond. Even in spite of that, he has managed to remain consistent with regards to shorter field goals as well as extra points. Once again last week, he managed to once again look like one of the best weapons in the league.

With this blocked punt, it’s yet another feather in the cap for first year special teams coach Brayden Coombs, who has turned the group around this season and done a great job coaching the squad.

In the end, it could matter a great deal to the Lions if they pull out a close game.

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