Surprising Defender Revealed as a Pick for Lions’ Captain This Season

Josh Woods

Getty Josh Woods runs on the field before a 2022 Lions game.

The Detroit Lions are set to attack a new season, and as part of that, the team has a new set of captains to roll into the year with.

Choosing captains for the team is likely not easy duty, as the Lions are developing some of the best veteran leadership in the league in spite of having a young roster. Still, there are plenty of players to choose from in terms of leadership.

On Tuesday, September 6, the Lions revealed their captains for this coming season with a tweet.

This year, Detroit’s group of captains are quarterback Jared Goff, offensive lineman Frank Ragnow, defensive lineman Michael Brockers, linebacker Alex Anzalone, safety Tracy Walker and linebacker Josh Woods.

If one of those names sticks out like a sore thumb to fans, it’s likely Woods. The linebacker might still be an unknown to many, but he earned a role on the team and has been thought of enough to rise to the level of captain.

It’s a major credit to Woods, who showed up, seized opportunity and stood out. Now, he gets to call himself a team captain as a result. A high honor for both Woods as well as the Lions who discovered him.

Woods Earned Role Late During 2021 Season

With injuries and illness playing a role last year, Woods stepped up late in the season with a big game against Denver, and may have opened eyes for a future role with the team most that day.

Woods did everything he could to lead the defense in the game against Denver, including taking over communication responsibilities from the injured Alex Anzalone. As he explained to the media after the game, being in command was a big deal, but improvements were the goal for the whole team.

“Obviously bigger responsibility, but you know, that’s part of the job. I was ready for it, but like I said, want to get better about everything. Just can’t wait to get back to the film,” he explained to the media at the time.

Improving was the biggest goal at the time, but Woods already saw himself as ready, even amid the wild swing of taking over for an important spot on the field. As Woods said, he saw it as his chance to shine and be ready.

“Whirlwind no doubt. But thats the nature of the business. It’s all about opportunity. When it’s your time, you’ve got to be ready,” he explained.

Woods managed to seize that opportunity with a big game, and it may have helped him stick around with the roster for the 2022 season as a result.

Woods’ Career Stats & Highlights

How did Woods get to Detroit in the first place in 2021? Off the practice squad in Chicago of all places.

Woods had been hanging around for the last few seasons on the team’s practice squad, and as an undrafted free agent since 2018, he’s been there a while for the team at 25 years old. Woods came into the league in 2018 as a rookie out of Maryland where he put up 107 tackles, 2 interceptions and 6 passes defended.

In the NFL, Woods hasn’t seen much time, and has only put up 47 tackles and collected one fumble recovery in his career. He’s been solid on special teams, though. Woods does have NFL snaps under his belt, and has gained confidence with the team, which could prove valuable for Detroit.

Detroit’s new linebacker seems to have the game and the mindset to be a mainstay already. Now, he gets to add the title of captain to his career ledger for 2022.

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