Dan Campbell Sends Fiery Message to Free Agents Interested in Lions

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell speaking at the NFL combine in 2022.

Dan Campbell has made headlines almost every day since he became the Detroit Lions’ head coach, and most of the time, those headlines are due to his phenomenal personality showing itself.

Campbell can’t help but to always be honest, and that shows itself nearly every single time he speaks. As a result, he has become one of the best soundbites in football while also showing himself as a serious tactician of the game.

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Campbell is always known to be a guy who brings the emotion and passion, and simply because he was speaking during the NFL combine didn’t make that any less of the case. On Tuesday, March 1, Campbell showed that once again when he was asked about the personality of his team as perceived from future free agents that could be looking to come to the Motor City.

What, exactly, would Campbell tell perspective free agents about the Lions and their overall approach to the game?

“Anybody that wants to come into our building, if you want to know what we’re about, we’re about cutting it loose. We’re going to be aggressive and we don’t cower from anybody. We respect all of our opponents, but we don’t fear any of them. If you want to come to Detroit, you’re going to be gritty and you’re going to be with a bunch of guys that freaking love the game. They’re gonna give all their heart and soul and we’re gonna cut it loose, so that’s what we’re about and that’s what they know,” Campbell told the media.

Talk about a mic-drop moment for Campbell ahead of a critical period for his team. Clearly, the Lions will be looking for a specific type of player to get on board with their program when the right time comes in a few weeks and free agency opens.

Brad Holmes Sent Similar Message to Future Free Agents

It isn’t just Campbell who seems to be sending a message about where the Lions are going to go in the near future and the mindset they have. Holmes joined Good Morning Football ahead of the NFL combine, and was asked by Peter Schrager what his pitch would be for free agents considering the Lions. As Holmes explained, there’s been a methodical approach that could soon take off and pay massive dividends for anyone who decides to buy-in.

“Dan (Campbell) and I had a plan in place from the get-go. We took some lumps early on. You stared to see that plan come clear at the end part of the season,” Holmes told Schrager. “What we can definitely offer is an outstanding culture. We have a culture of collaboration and communication. We’re all about grit. We have a multi-year plan in place. We just have a outstanding head coach. Dan is special. We got great leadership from the top. I tell everybody look, if you don’t want to be a part of this, good luck, because it’s going to be a fun ride when we get this thing going.”

That fun ride is coming soon as Holmes sees it, which makes this pitch very interesting. The Lions are likely going to be aggressive in free agency trying to patch numerous holes on defense. Essentially, he is issuing a solid warning to the class. Hop in now and get set to enjoy some great times, or be forced to live with regret on the outside looking in.

Campbell would likely be on board with every word of that take.

Lions Have Perfect Boss to Lead Revival With Campbell

In terms of a coach who could be a draw to future free agents, Campbell would seem to be a home run in most facets. He has drawn praise for how he goes about things from current players such as fullback Jason Cabinda, and seems to understand the balance that successful teams can have between work, rest and fun. Campbell sees things like a former player as a head coach, which could prove to be a huge draw for the Lions. Far too often, coaches struggle to find that balance, especially if they have not played the game in the NFL before. Campbell has the advantage of having not only played, but played for some great coaches in Jim Fassel in New York and Bill Parcells with Dallas during his time in the league.

The more he speaks and the more the program seems to get built in Detroit, the more obvious it seems to be that Campbell is bringing the right blend of mindset for the team. Players are going to see the environment he has created and want to get on board before the team’s revival does happen.

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