Dan Campbell Details What He’d Sacrifice to Win Super Bowl [WATCH]

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell coaching the Dolphins.

Dan Campbell has only been the Detroit Lions’ head coach for a few months, and already, the coach has become a fan favorite for his colorful personality.

Once again, Campbell proved what a man of the people he is by heading on the Pardon My Take podcast from Barstool Sports. As part of the show, Campbell explained that his wish is to own a pet lion he can roam the halls with in Allen Park, and also bring around the practice field.

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Perhaps better than that, though, was Campbell’s admission of just how far he’d be willing to go in order to get the Lions to a Super Bowl title. As he said, he’d be willing to lose an arm to a lion just to get his team to win the big game.

As Campbell admitted, he isn’t likely to be able to have his pet lion thanks to what kind of safety issue it might cause with the league, but the fact that he’d be willing to sacrifice his arm is certainly interesting. Campbell played with passion in his career and has displayed that same passion after taking the Detroit job. It’s obvious how much the position means to him.

It’s safe to say plenty of fans would be willing to make the same sacrifice in order to see the Lions achieve some success on the field.

Campbell Reveals Favorite Rock Bands

Other than dreaming about winning a Super Bowl and figuring out how to get his pet lion into the mix, Campbell’s passion is music. He was asked about his favorite bands on the show, and as he explained, it’s hard for him to narrow down the list to just three. Campbell did, but provided some interesting additions.

He said:

“I would say Metallica is probably number one, I would probably say Lynyrd Skynyrd would be two, and three, I teeter between, it’s probably going to have to be AC/DC if I’m being honest with you.”

Obviously, the Lions aren’t going to have very many quiet practices this year with these bands considered.

Campbell’s Family Thinks He’s Crazy for Rants

If this latest interview makes some more waves, that would not be unexpected. As the coach recently explained, the message was intended for the team and the fans, even if it ended up resonating with the whole country perhaps accidentally.

Speaking with the Rich Eisen Show, Campbell was asked about the now-legendary rant, and as the coach said, he had members of his own family giving him the business after the quote about biting kneecaps ended up going viral.

He said:

“I may have heard from a few members of my family and my friends. Look, they know who I am. It’s just me. I’m kind of a passionate guy and speak what’s on my mind and what I feel and sometimes I get going, and it’s just me. It is what it is, you know what I mean? I was just trying to set the tone, that’s all.”

It’s safe to say the tone was set by Campbell indeed, who has also proven himself as a major advocate for Detroit by blasting its haters and someone who is never shy about standing up for what he believes in and making a powerful statement.

Giving up your arm to a lion for a Super Bowl? That’s only likely to become the next soundbite that rallies fans behind the coach.

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