Dan Campbell Describes What His Ideal Lions Quarterback Looks Like

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff signals for a first down against the Patriots.

The Detroit Lions have a big decision to make this offseason at quarterback, and a major shoe is set to drop in a few weeks as it relates to that fact.

Jared Goff will be entering the mix for the team next season, and while that is the case, the team and its staff still cannot name drop the player due to tampering. Given that, folks in the media have been finding creative ways to ask about Goff and the plans at quarterback for the team without naming names.

On the Dan Patrick Show, host Dan Patrick had Dan Campbell on and was asking him about the quarterback position, specifically what his ideal signal caller would look like and do. After a few jokes about Goff, Campbell explained that he likes to see command and toughness out of the position.

Campbell said:

“You’re looking for a guy who’s a winner. You’re looking for a guy who’s competitive. He’s got a quiet confidence about him. He’s durable. Somebody you know that when he’s in the huddle when the other 10 guys are looking at him they really believe in this guy. Like you can look at him and know he has a sense of urgency about him and confidence about him and can calm the storm. I think that’s kind of the guy we’re looking for.

As for what the Lions might do, everything could be open for Campbell and the team, something which he readily admitted to Patrick.

“It’s a good question, I would say all options are open. I would say we feel pretty good about where we’re going, but we’re open to everything right now.”

It sounds as if the guy Campbell is describing is Goff, so in the end, there might not be much drama about what the Lions decide to do at quarterback at all.

Lions Likely Will Stick With Jared Goff

The team might say they’re open at this point, but the truth is, Goff is likely to be the guy for the team, at least in the short term after the massive swap the Lions had in order to bring him into the mix. Trading for a player like Goff is something that will help steady the position in the future for the team and that is the good news for the Lions as it relates to helping to solve the position moving forward this coming year and perhaps beyond. Goff is a solid player having a 6-5 playoff record and a solid history as a starter.

Detroit might decide to look at a veteran backup or drafting a player down the board, but for now, Goff could be counted as the best solution to the problem.

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Lions Chances of Drafting a Quarterback in 2021

The Lions will have Jared Goff set to come in the building, and he seems primed to be at least the short term solution for the team. Goff is still 26 and theoretically could still have his best days ahead of him considering the fact he is 6-5 as a starter in the playoffs, appeared in a Super Bowl and played late in the 2020-2021 season with a thumb injury. Knowing this, it’s a wiser bet the Lions would consider a wideout or a defensive player with their first selection this year. A quarterback to add to the mix could be prioritized later in the draft, however.’

The words of Campbell might prove that the Lions want to find a way to make it work with the guy they have coming into the mix.

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