Darrell Bevell Tells Incredible Brett Favre Hunting Story

Darrell Bevell

Getty Darrell Bevell calling the shots for the Lions offense in 2019.

Darrell Bevell and Brett Favre share a special connection dating back from the time the pair shared in Wisconsin in the 1990s.

Favre was playing quarterback at the same time Bevell did in Wisconsin, and ironically, the duo would join up together with both the Green Bay Packers and then the Minnesota Vikings when Bevell was calling the shots offensively. As a result, the pair developed quite a relationship which was revealed when Bevell was speaking about a hunting trip they took in the past.

Bevell and Favre went hunting before in Utah, and the story involves a bow, a cougar, horses and shows the remarkable lengths the duo would go to in order to have some offseason fun.

Obviously, picturing Favre and Bevell tracking cougars and riding on horseback is quite an incredible thought, and it only proves how much fun the pair is capable of having and just how fantastic both of their personalities are.

It’s clear the new Detroit Lions coach is engaging and fun loving in a way many folks may not have understood.

Darrell Bevell and Brett Favre Have Long Relationship

The duo came of age in Wisconsin the same time together, and as a result, became close through the years. An epic old photo shows their pairing was meant to be from the beginning.

When Bevell joined the Packers in 2000, he became an offensive assistant with Favre. He’s later call plays for him in Minnesota in 2009 and 2010 which only helped the relationship more. Favre admitted recently that he was happy for Bevell getting his first win as a coach in the NFL.

Darrell Bevell Bringing Fun Culture to Lions

As this interview shows, Bevell has a different and fun personality and is willing to be more open with the media and have fun with the stories. Often times, it seemed the Lions just didn’t love playing the game under Patricia or have any fun. Now that Bevell has taken over as coach and offensive coordinator, he’s aiming to change that fact.

Speaking for the first time as head coach a few weeks back, Bevell explained that there doesn’t need to be an extreme balance between hard work and having fun, and he wants his version of the Lions to be able to do both over their final games in the 2020 season.

The comment is revealing due to the fact that Patricia was often known as a task master who former players claim sucked the life out of the fun of the game and was often all business. Having a coach in Bevell who understands the balance better could be just what the Lions needed all along to have success.

With the team’s big 34-30 win over Chicago last week, it’s clear a statement was made about Bevell the person and his leadership. His ability to cut it loose and have fun on and off the field could be a major reason the Lions are feeling much better about themselves.

Stories like this only serve to prove how much Bevell is committed to having fun and doing unique things.

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