Former Lions Pro Bowler Praises Kerby Joseph: ‘He Has the Talent’

Kerby Joseph

Getty Kerby Joseph leans in to stop Saquon Barkley of the Giants in 2022.

The Detroit Lions have a player who may be a star in the making in the form of safety Kerby Joseph, and once again, the rookie proved that in a big way.

On the road against the New York Giants, Joseph provided one of the biggest plays of the game, intercepting a pass in the fourth quarter and snuffing out a New York drive that looked promising.

Safety play in Detroit has been a complicated matter through the years, but perhaps the best player to do it lately has been Glover Quin. Quin was a Pro Bowl player for the Lions and was known for making the game-changing picks and plays that Joseph is starting to generate.

As he said during the game on Twitter, Joseph could be the next in line to be a star at his position on the field. Quin was asked about Joseph as a former safety, and seemed to be impressed in a big way.

“He is going to be good if he can stay healthy and keep improving!! He has the talent!,” Quin tweeted.

Certainly, Quin would know talent at the position when he sees it, given he racked up 737 combined tackles and 24 interceptions in his career to go with 10 forced fumbles. In Detroit, he was a major turnover creator for the Lions, always having the knack for the big play.

Joseph is off to a nice start as a member of the Lions doing just that with three interceptions and two forced fumbles this year. If Quin sees those kind of traits in his game, that can only be considered a good sign for the Lions.

It’s early in Joseph’s career, but already, he is starting to open eyes for the team with former players.

Watch Joseph’s Interception for Detroit

During the game, the Lions needed an interception in a big way to shift some momentum on fourth down with New York driving. Joseph stepped into a high pass and managed to make a move to take the ball down the field for Detroit.

Here’s another look at the big play for the Lions, which managed to snuff out another scoring opportunity for New York at a key point in the game:

Joseph has three interceptions to his credit this season, and has been a big play machine on the back end for Detroit so far. He’s been aggressive and physical, and seems to know right where the ball is going to be heading.

Joseph ‘Born’ to Be Ballhawk for Lions

What does Joseph attribute his big play ability to? As he said after the game to reporters, he was born with the ability to get the job done and find the ball. As he said to Colton Pouncey of The Athletic, Joseph feels like the ball finds him most of the time.

“Asked Kerby Joseph what’s the key to being a ballhawk:”I feel like I was born like this, you feel me? I just be going out there and then, like, I don’t know. I feel like the ball be finding me,” Pouncey tweeted after talking to Joseph.

No matter what the reasoning is, it’s clear that Joseph has the talent and drive to make a major impression in the league. As Quin seems to know, he has a very bright future ahead of him with the team.

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