Ex-Executive Suggests Lions Re-Sign Offensive Star to Help Jared Goff

Jared Goff Jamaal Williams

Getty Jared Goff hands off to Jamaal Williams in a 2022 game vs. Minnesota.

The Detroit Lions have one of the top quarterbacks from the 2022 season in Jared Goff, and the focus for the team now will revolve around how to keep him there in the future.

Not only do the Lions have to fix a leaky defense to give Goff a better shot at winning, but they might have to continue to boost their offense as well. Keeping a stud like running back Jamaal Williams could go a long way toward getting that done.

Recently, former NFL general manager with the Minnesota Vikings and team president of the Tennessee Titans Jeff Diamond wrote a piece at The 33rd Team in which he identified the one move each team could make to help their quarterback.

In Detroit, the answer is as simple as re-signing Williams after his record-breaking 2022 season. As Diamond said, Detroit is a team to watch out for thanks to their offense, and Williams was a huge part of the team’s attack.

“Look out for the Lions in 2023. Quarterback Jared Goff’s excellent play in 2022 will allow the Lions to work on improving their last-ranked defense with two No. 1 picks (No. 6 overall courtesy of the Rams in the Matthew Stafford/Goff deal, plus their own No. 18 overall). To keep Goff and the fourth-ranked offense on track toward another big season, the Lions should re-sign Jamaal Williams before he hits free agency. Williams led the NFL with 17 rushing TDs and had his best season with 1,066 rushing yards. He also is a well-liked team leader,” Diamond wrote within the piece.

This offseason, multiple folks have made the case that Williams is the most important free agent the Lions have to re-sign. This is just another good reason that is the case for the team’s future.

With the threat of a running game that ranked 11th in the NFL and put up 2,179 yards and 23 touchdowns on the ground on 128.2 yards per-game. Goff became more dangerous off play action and found it easier to distribute the ball down field. Keeping the most productive runner from that group would seemingly represent a win for the team.

Fit With Lions Could Help Williams Stay

Will Williams re-sign with the Lions? That’s a question that many are pondering at this point in time ahead of free agency, and during a recent interview, a potential clue was given on this front.

Williams is a unique personality, but within Detroit’s locker room, he hasn’t had trouble adjusting whatsoever since joining the team in the 2021 offseason. Speaking on Good Morning Football on January 31, 2023, Williams explained what his message is

As he said, being able to be embraced is something that doesn’t go unnoticed within his own team.

“Be yourself. I feel like a lot of players have to be cool or think they’re this type because they play football, when football players are everything, every type of personality you can think of. I just so happen to be the nerd that likes anime. I take it everywhere. My teammates be looking at me weird all the time with my headbands on. But they get used to it. Once they understand and just accept me for who I am, they just love me for me. Like I always tell people, I appreciate you for accepting me for who I am,” Williams said.

With this in mind, Williams cold have a happy fit with the Lions already. That sounds like a culture of inclusivity the running back would value within his locker room.

Williams seems to appreciate his teammates and what they have done to embrace his unique personality. That could combine to show him the grass isn’t exactly greener on the other side.

Lions Should Re-Sign Williams This Offseason

Given his solid performance on the field, Williams could be in demand for teams this offseason. If the Lions are thinking about what to do, they need not ponder the decision too long when the time comes.

Williams, thanks to his ability to be a sledgehammer near the goal line and in the red zone, has earned the right to stay with the Lions. He’s also been one of the best vocal leaders on the team, routinely connecting with his teammates and Detroit as he did after the season finale.

All of this combines to mean that the Lions shouldn’t overthink his free agency and simply bring Williams back when all is said and done.

It’s clear that Williams has been the team MVP for the Lions during the 2022 season with his record-breaking performance, posting 17 touchdowns and rushing for 1,066 yards. For this reason, he may have earned himself a longer-term stay with the team.

In the end, that move might only help work to Goff and Detroit’s benefit more, which is something that a former personnel executive in Diamond seems to understand.

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