Incredible Stat Proves Jared Goff’s Late-Season Dominance With Lions

Jared Goff

Getty Jared Goff on the field with the Lions in a 2023 game against Chicago.

The Detroit Lions have been a much-improved team this season, and a big reason has been the play of their quarterback Jared Goff.

Detroit’s improvement from a 1-6 record to an 8-8 team on the cusp of the postseason would not have been possible with elevated play at the quarterback position. Goff’s turnaround has helped the Lions as well as his entire roster to feel more comfortable.

In terms of the metrics, Goff is showing up in a big way since around the middle of the season. As CBS Sports showed, Goff is first in the league over that span in a couple of key stats at the quarterback position. His passer rating is a sterling 108.4, and he hasn’t thrown a critical interception in that span while tossing 15 touchdowns.

“Jared Goff ranks since Week 10: Pass Rating: 108.4 (1st). Pass TD-INT: 15-0 (1st),” the site tweeted.

These stats are notable because they point to a quarterback that is distributing the ball efficiently and taking care within his offense. Goff has managed games well, and hasn’t made critical mistakes to hurt Detroit’s chances of winning key games down the stretch.

Combined with a more opportunistic defense that has forced six turnovers the last five weeks, Goff has managed to help the Detroit offense remain dangerous with his play. That has kept the Lions in the hunt in a big way toward the end of the season.

Goff Enjoying Solid 2022 Season

In terms of what Goff has done this season on the field, the Lions have not had reason to be disappointed with their quarterback statistically and otherwise.

Through Week 17, Goff has put up a very solid 29 touchdowns to just seven interceptions. Goff has also thrown for a quality 4,214 yards and has been an excellent game manager for the Lions. He’s avoided the big mistakes for the most part as these stats prove, and been a player who has looked very comfortable within the team’s offense.

Detroit could keep Goff given what he has been able to do in leading a resurgent Lions offense most of the year. He’s had some inconsistent games early in the season such as when he threw for just 137 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in a 15-9 win over Green Bay, but games like that have been the exception.

Nothing Goff is doing in 2022 is helping to make it obvious that he should lose the job in the future, and many are awake to that reality as the season pushes on.

Goff’s Future Feels Solidified After Big Finish

Most of the early part of the season, Lions fans were focused on a future without Goff, but as the quarterback has elevated his play within a resurgent offense, the tune has changed.

Now, it feels like much less of a question of if Goff comes back during the offseason. With a likely top 10 draft pick in 2023, the notion has been circulated from the start of the season that the Lions may look to draft Goff’s eventual replacement this year.

Given the uptick in play as well as these numbers, though, it’s no longer a lock that the Lions will simply move on from Goff at all, which has been a common notion reported by insiders in the past few months.

At 28 years old, Goff is still in the prime of his career. All the Lions may have been looking for was statistical proof that he could be the future at the position for the team.

The way he has led the team back and been effective in the process could prove everything the franchise has wanted to know about Goff. In the end, these stats could be a big reason he sticks around for the future.

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