Lions ‘Very Pleased’ With Cornerback’s Injury Recovery

Jerry Jacobs

Getty Jerry Jacobs looks on after the Lions loss to the Ravens.

Detroit Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs has been working extremely hard to come back from injury, and it seems there is some great news brewing on that front.

Jacobs has been on the PUP list to start camp, but it seems as if the cornerback is beginning to forge a comeback of his own, and it could be due to play out in short order.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, August 9 before practice, Dan Campbell talked about where Jacobs is at within his recovery. The news was very good for Jacobs as he tries to work his way back on the field before the season.

“Jerry’s doing great, and you talk about pulling the reigns back. We’re constantly having to just keep him (back). ‘Easy Jerry.’ He is just going. I would say we are very pleased with Jerry,” Campbell told the media.

After starting on PUP, it’s good to hear there hasn’t been any setbacks for Jacobs at this point. It seems as if the Lions like where he is trending for the near future with the team.

While there’s not a slam-dunk update on when Jacobs could return to the field, the positive update is certainly good news. His recovery will be one to watch through the preseason and pushing toward Week 1.

Jacobs Focused on Getting Better Daily

Typically, Jacobs wasn’t full of bluster when seeing what Campbell had to say about his recovery. The cornerback re-tweeted the coach’s update, and added his own commentary on the matter.

As Jacobs said, he is simply focused on getting 1% better every single day on the field.

“1% better everyday!!!,” Jacobs tweeted.

It seems that Jacobs has the right idea for his recovery. Instead of trying to do multiple things to improve or rush matters, Jacobs simply knows the value of taking things one day at a time and being able to improve gradually. There is a level of genius in that approach.

Jacobs Grinding Through Offseason Injury Recovery

If there was any player who is likely getting antsy about returning to the field, it would easily be Jacobs.

The cornerback went down last year in a December contest against Denver with an ACL injury, but immediately after, began pushing for a comeback. All offseason long, he’s updated fans with inspirational posts as well as videos of him clawing back to work on the field.

While some players might despair in tough situations, Jacobs has been remarkably positive and has made sure to work hard in order to put himself in the best position as possible to get back on the field fast.

Detroit keeping Jacobs sidelined is a show that the team wants to make sure he is as ready as possible to face the rigors of a tough season. The Lions are smart to let him work back on his own time and look completely ready before turning him loose.

As this update shows, that might end up being sooner rather than later.

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