NFL Insider Hints at Huge Asking Price for Matthew Stafford Trade

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford fires a pass against Green Bay.

The Detroit Lions are reportedly set to be moving on from Matthew Stafford, and the biggest questions on the mind of everyone now likely shifts to cost.

In Detroit, fans will want to know what the Lions are projected to get. Elsewhere, rival fanbases will want to know where the framework of a deal potentially begins. Insider Benjamin Allbright thinks he has an idea of the answers to that question, and it’s likely to please Lions fans.

According to Allbright, the Jamal Adams deal offers a framework for a Stafford deal. Adams was traded from New York to Seattle for a pair of first-round picks, a third-round pick and a player. Stafford could see a similar deal when all is said and done.

As for who will be bidding, Allbright wasn’t so sure that it wouldn’t be a massive group of teams set to engage the Lions on Stafford. As he said, a third of the league could be involved in a deal, meaning the Lions might be set to have more leverage than many think.

As a result of this, it’s more than likely that if Allbright was right about not only the scope of the deal but the potential for many teams involved, the Lions could be set to get an amazing return for Stafford. Whether they hold out for the best trade or try to send Stafford to a team he would want to go to remains to be seen, but it’s possible the Lions could cash in quickly this offseason with a Stafford trade.

Others have hinted at the Lions wanting “fair market value” for Stafford and said that a trade could be a first-round pick and a second-round pick similar to the deal for Carson Palmer when he was nearly the same age. Even such, folks could be more intrigued by what Stafford has to offer than an aging Palmer, which could make him a more appealing target capable of driving a bidding war.

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Lions Should Hold Out for Best Matthew Stafford Trade

It would be hard for the Lions to bring Stafford back with all these reports of him being set to leave, but the Lions need to hold out for the best deal and not simply dump Stafford to whatever team wants him first. The Lions can’t be emotional with the decision and it needs to be the best possible business decision for the team moving forward.

Arguably, the Stafford trade could make or break the Lions for the next decade or more, so if the team was able to get enough picks, it could be vital in a quick rebuild or a retool as general manager Brad Holmes and coach Dan Campbell have called in in recent days.

What Teams Could Trade for Matthew Stafford?

The Indianapolis Colts are far from the only team that could make sense as it relates to a Stafford deal, even though right now they could make the most sense in terms of fit. Teams such as the New England Patriots, Los Angles Rams, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers all have quarterback situations that could be in-flux as well. If Stafford was indeed on the market, there would be no shortage of suitors for his services and there could be a bidding war.

Detroit will now have to decide what kind of return they want for Stafford, and the asking price would probably be fairly high considering his status as an elite player in the league. That’s just what Allbright sees happening in the end.

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