‘Get Rid of Him:’ Phil Simms Makes Major Demand for Lions’ Offseason

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford runs off the field.

The Detroit Lions have a big decision to make with regards to the future of quarterback Matthew Stafford, and as it relates to one former quarterback, the choice the team should make is clear.

According to Phil Simms, Stafford has to be traded this offseason to a contender, and after the deal, he has to make a run to the Super Bowl for his new team. In a wide ranging interview with Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press, Simms talks about Stafford’s career and what he hopes he sees next.

As he said in the piece, a trade is the only logical next option so that Stafford gets his shot to show what he can do elsewhere on a much bigger level than Detroit.

Simms said:

“I’m just going to be honest,” Simms said. “I hope they get rid of him and I hope he lands with a really good team and he’s going to lead them to the Super Bowl. That’s what I hope. I really do for him.

“I think he’s been so tremendous through the years down the stretch. He is the comeback quarterback of games like I’ve never seen. My God, it’s one miracle after another.”

Within the piece, Simms poked fun at the notion that other hosts think the Lions just haven’t put it together for Stafford and ignore his overall talent. He referred to Stafford as a “Super Bowl quarterback” playing on a non-Super Bowl team. Simms said he thinks that a move will happen this offseason and Detroit fans will end up missing Stafford a great deal more than they do now.

Trading Stafford isn’t the only move the Lions have, though. They could choose to hang on to Stafford, win now and develop his successor in the coming years. All things considered, that might be the more shrewd move the team can make considering the price to cut Stafford or the uncertainty of what a deal might actually bring.

Regardless, Simms is joining the chorus of folks who say Stafford has to get out of Detroit to have a shot at greatness.

Offensive Coaches Could be Best Fit for Lions

With the Lions still committed to Stafford right now and perhaps into the future, the question will become how much his future could dictate what happens with the coaching process. Detroit is coming off Matt Patricia, who was a defensive boss. This time around, they might have to look at the offensive side of the ball for help in order to either help Stafford take the next step or make the right decision about what comes next. That means coaches like Eric Bieniemy, Arthur Smith or perhaps even Brian Daboll could make sense for the Lions on the market in order to get the most out of Stafford moving forward

If Detroit elects to go with another defensive boss such as Robert Saleh, that coach will have to have a strong offensive coordinator hire in order to make the best decisions for the team. Regardless if the quarterback is Stafford or someone else, this will be a decision the team has to make.

Matthew Stafford’s Lions’ Future Questionable

The future of Stafford will become a big talking point for the Lions given the changes within the front office and at head coach. The past regime, led by Bob Quinn, remained loyal to Stafford but the shakeup could leave his future firmly up in the air. That’s especially true given the fact that ownership has essentially deferred the decision to the new staff once they come to town.

Thus far in 2020, Stafford isn’t having the type of season that will wow many folks. He’s thrown 22 touchdowns and 9 interceptions with 3,522 passing yards. He’s had good games and average games, but has shown the toughness that has come to define his tenure.

The Stafford decision will loom large over the next front office and isn’t as cut and dry as many think, but plenty including Simms are demanding a fresh start for the quarterback.

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