Michael Brockers Sends Strong Message to Lions About Week 2 Rebound

Michael Brockers

Getty Michael Brockers gives the thumbs up as he leaves the field.

The Detroit Lions battled hard in Week 1, but fell just short of a win. With Week 2 now in the crosshairs, it’s important for the team to refocus.

More than many players on the team, veteran defensive lineman Michael Brockers knows that. Brockers has seen a lot of run during his time in the league, and his message for the team this week is a simple one. Don’t let one loss become two.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, September 15, Brockers was asked about his biggest goal for the team this week and how to move forward. As he explained, mentally, the team has to move forward and lock in on the next challenge.

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“Just not letting us beat us twice. I kind of said that after the game. You’re gonna have a lot of ups and downs within the season. Don’t allow the losses to beat you twice,” Brockers said. “Come in, kind of trash the game and focus on the Commanders. That’s kind of what I did, kind of what all the the coaches were echoing all this week and what we’re coming out to do.”

That’s a quality approach for the team mentally and physically ahead of another vital week. In terms of Brockers’ own approach, the Lions’ lineman also broke things down sensibly, saying he was up and down.

“I thought I did some good things, I thought I did some some not so good things but pretty much happens every game,” he said. “I thought I played well overall though, and I think we just got to do a better job of getting the quarterback on the ground.”

The key for the Lions this week? Move on and get the quarterback. They now have their marching orders from the veteran.

Brockers Excited to Play Carson Wentz

In terms of the goal to get to the quarterback, that could be boosted in a big way this week with the arrival of Carson Wentz at Ford Field.

Wentz isn’t the most agile player in the pocket, at least not compared to Jalen Hurts. That could allow the Lions to get after it up front, something that Brockers pointed out this week.

“You don’t have a guy who’s going to get out as fast. I mean he can still run, he can get out and hurt you but he’s not going to get out as fast as the guy last week,” Brockers pointed out. “We’re looking forward to rushing a little bit, getting after it up front, long down and distances.”

With a new quarterback in the pocket that might not be as mobile, Brockers is excited for a new week.

“It’s definitely going to be fun. Carson’s still a mobile guy, but definitely Jalen, he was pretty athletic. He was getting out of that pocket a lot, so it’ll be good to have a little fresh start and get after it again,” he said.

The hope is that the Lions can tee off a bit on Wentz and get him on the ground. Brockers knows that the challenge will be a little bit different overall for the Lions in Week 2.

Brockers Not Concerned About Early Week Injury

While the Lions have been one of the teams that has been stricken the most by injuries and seem to have new ailments pop up on the regular, Brockers is not a player that fans should be worrying about this week.

While he surfaced early on in the week on the injury report, the good news is he was able to come back to practice on Thursday and is now looking like a full-go before the game on Sunday.

Speaking about this, Brockers admitted he is feeling good and after rest, the injury may not leave him in a position not to play.

“Yeah, feeling alright. Feeling alright. I went out there, got after it (Thursday) just to push myself. It felt good, you know the days rest on Wednesday really helped I felt really good today so I’m looking forward to playing Sunday,” Brockers said.

Brockers knows the Lions have to be looking forward, and that’s why he continues to push that narrative as he gets the team back on track for this week defensively.

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