Analyst Gives ‘Crazy but True’ Prediction for Lions’ Finish to Season

Dan Campbell

Getty Dan Campbell waives to the crowd following a Lions win in 2022.

The Detroit Lions are enjoying a solid finish to the season, and it could turn into a special finish if they manage to find a way to get some more wins in order to claw into the playoff race.

Is it possible for the Lions to make that kind of quick progress, though, in a rebuilding year? Many see the momentum of what Detroit has built as real, and that’s especially true now that the team has some key wins to their credit amid a turnaround.

Adam Schein of CBS Sports provided some of his thoughts on the matter, and as he said, the Lions are a team to watch down the stretch that might sneak up and steal an NFC playoff bid this season.

“Look out for Jared Goff and the Lions down the stretch. Lions have won four of their last five. The only loss was that last-second game to the Buffalo Bills on Thanksgiving night. Goff has played brilliant football. I’m happy for Goff obviously, he had to watch Matthew Stafford and Sean McVay win the Super Bowl last year in Los Angeles,” Schein said on Twitter.

Specifically, as Schein pointed out, the Lions have managed to heat up behind quarterback Jared Goff, a hot offense and wideout Amon-Ra St. Brown, who has become a bit of an NFL revelation.

“This connection the last four weeks with Goff and Amon_Ra St. Brown, it’s been spectacular. It’s been sensational. The Minnesota Vikings should be on upset alert,” he said on the show. “I’ll take this a step further in the NFC playoff race. If the Lions can win all these game. You talk about are the Lions alive? If the Lions beat Minnesota, we’re talking about a Lions team that can absolutely find a way to make the playoffs when the dust settles. Crazy, but true.”

It would certainly be crazy relative to where Detroit started, but it’s also true that the Lions have done a great job to build up their momentum the last few weeks. At this point, they look like they’re one of the hottest teams in the NFL.

It’s not just Schein who realizes this, but others as well. Certainly, it will be fun to see if his prediction plays out.

Analyst Predicts Lions to Make Playoffs

Typically, every year, an NFL team surges from below the pack to claim a surprise playoff spot. In terms of who that could be in 2022, many are beginning to agree with Schein that could be the Lions.

On Good Morning Football, analyst Jamie Erdahl seems to think that the Lions are the team that could get it done when all is said and done. The reason? She believes the team has a great offense and tons of momentum to finish the season.

“Realistically the Lions have two really bad losses. The five other losses? Four point games. They hang tough. When their offense is playing great, they’re really good. The Lions could sneak in from that “in the hunt” to wild card spot,” Erdahl said on the telecast.

Momentum in the league is a big thing, and the Lions have a ton of it. If they can keep the winning going, that could mean big things for their future.

Lions’ Schedule Offers Advantage Down the Stretch

As Schein points out, Detroit could have an advantage not only in how well they are playing and who is excelling on the field, but given their softer schedule coming up to finish December and start January.

The team’s schedule feels favorable with home games on the horizon to go with some easier road games on paper. In Week 14, the Lions play the Vikings at home, then the Jets on the road, the Panthers at home and the Bears at home. They will finish by visiting Green Bay to end the year. That’s a very ripe stretch for Detroit considering the number of teams under .500 and the way the Ford Field crowd may play a factor.

As of now, the Lions are two games behind Seattle, and will be hoping for them to drop a few games late-season to help them out, while hoping the NFC East eats its own in the days ahead.

Schein thinks the Lions can make a run, and it might all hinge on what they’re able to do against the rival Vikings this week.

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