Taylor Decker Explains Why He Wants Lions on Sunday Night Football

Taylor Decker

Getty Taylor Decker gestures for a first down in a 2022 game in Carolina.

The Detroit Lions are playing in one of the most consequential games of the 2022-23 NFL season in Week 18, and they want the spotlight of a prime time game as they do so.

This week, the NFL could elect to flex the Lions into a Sunday Night Football slot against the Green Bay Packers. While such a situation might worry some fans because of the team’s past struggles under the bright lights, offensive tackle Taylor Decker is ready for the challenge and wants it.

Decker spoke to the media after Detroit’s commanding 41-10 win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday, January 1, and discussed the idea that the Lions could be destined for primetime. As he said, it’s the preferred outcome for the team.

“I mean, I hope it gets flexed to Sunday night. I really hope it does, because that’s a historic stadium, historic franchise and the division. We’re playing a divisional opponent. I mean, what else could you want?,” he said. “I see it as similar to our Thanksgiving game. Everybody’s talking about ‘oh, you got Buffalo coming.’ What else would you want? That’s what you want. You want the challenge. You want all the eyes on you when you’re gonna rise up and try to meet that challenge.”

Detroit nearly met that challenge against Buffalo, and have won some of the other “bigger” games against top opponents they have had. The Lions beat Minnesota, the NFC North champions, 34-23. They also upended a very tough New York Jets team on the road 20-17.

As Decker reiterated, he wants the game to be under the lights for all the marbles. As he seems to think, it will be a good litmus test for where the Lions are at and give them a chance to measure up.

“I hope it gets flexed to Sunday night. I really hope it does,” Decker said.

Decker Not Bothered By Aaron Rodgers’ Trash Talk

The Lions have managed to claw back into playoff contention, but a couple weeks ago, Aaron Rodgers didn’t seem too bothered by that notion. Back then, he took a subtle jab at the Lions and their status as a .500 team.

Decker admitted that he’s seen some of Rodgers’ commentary, but he doesn’t care. Why? He’s got faith in the Lions, and how they have turned things around in their own locker room.

“I’ve seen some of (the comments). Historically, he’s had a lot of success against us but I’ve said it all year. There’s something different about this team and we’re growing and building in the right direction,” Decker said. “Just these last two games, I mean, having divisional opponents and still having a chance? What else do you want, man?”

As Decker went on to say, being able to compete against Rodgers with everything on the line would mean so much because of his stature in the game.

“He’s a Hall of Famer. He’s probably the most talented quarterback to ever play the game. I said I hope that game gets flexed. I hope it’s Sunday night and I hope we have a big challenge and I hope it’s a four quarter game,” he admitted. “I hope it is, because what else do you want, man? I mean we’ve been putting in the work and we’ve started having some success recently. All you can ask for is an opportunity, and that would be a hell of an opportunity.”

Rodgers has actually also been complementary of Detroit as recently as Sunday, so the opportunity to compete against one of the greats is what the Lions are in tune for this time around.

Lions Got Put on Prime Time

Detroit didn’t land a single prime time game for the 2022 season, and have been the kings of the 1 p.m. time slot. In spite of that, they have played their way into that game in 2023.

The Lions are one of the teams that were in-play for Sunday Night Football, and the league made the move to flex the game to the nighttime slot for Sunday, January 8. ESPN’s Field Yates revealed the move and the flex on Monday, January 2.

“Official: Packers vs. Lions on Sunday Night Football for Week 18,” Yates tweeted.

Indeed, Jacksonville was revealed to be playing on Saturday, which means the Sunday night game was still open as well.

That would mean the Lions are heading to Lambeau Field in the bright lights of primetime Clearly, that scenario is just what plenty of players like Decker wanted when all was said and done.

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