3-Time NBA All-Star May Have Pissed Off Warriors Steph Curry

Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors

Getty Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors reacts after making a basket and being fouled by the Washington Wizards in the fourth quarter at Chase Center on March 14, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Curry finished the game with 47 points. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

With Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry breaking the all-time three point makes record earlier this season, nobody would really throw shade at him right?

Apparently not. Former 13-year NBA veteran Antoine Walker woke up on May 4 and decided to throw down a scorching hot take.

“I think Steph is the third-best player in this series,” Walker says on FS1’s First Things First. “I think it goes Ja Morant, Jordan Poole and then Steph Curry. Jordan Poole is the best player on the Warriors right now. I hope you guys understand that and I think he’s proven that.”

Wow. Even though Curry scored 24 and 27 so far against the Memphis Grizzlies, Walker is not cutting Curry any slack.

“From the first round of the playoffs with the Denver Nuggets and even the first two games on the road, Jordan Poole is the best player on the Golden State Warriors right now,” Walker doubles down. “That’s why Steve Kerr had a tough time taking him out of the lineup.”

On paper, Poole has definitely been the most dynamic and stat-stuffing player in these playoffs in the entire league. However, not being the best player in the series is understandable, but to say Curry is not the best player on his own team is preposterous. Sure, Poole dropped 31 and 20 points in the first two games off the bench in the series, but to underestimate what Curry brings to the table is ludicrous, especially for someone who has played in the game at such a high level.

Curry’s range allows the floor spacing to be so wide open for teammates and himself to get to the rim at will. The threat of Curry on the floor has always positively impacted the Warriors. Poole is already a special player, but he does not have the track record that his Hall of Fame teammates Curry does.

Ja Morant Numbers Have Been Extraordinary in First Two Games

Walker may have made a silly take with his Poole over Curry words for the series, but he is absolutely correct about Ja Morant.

Fresh off winning the Most Improved Player of the year award, Morant has been putting up monster numbers in the series against the Warriors. He put up 34 points in his first second round series game, and then racked up 47 points in Game 2.

With Gary Payton II set to miss an extended amount of time, the Warriors will probably need to make the adjustment to try and hinder Morant.

Walker has said many things, but at least he seems to have got it right this time. For now, Morant is leaps and bounds the best player amongst everyone in the series.

Not the First Time Antoine Walker Has Gone After Superstar Athletes

 Walker may not be in the news circuit as often as he once did as a player, but it seems like whenever he makes an appearance on any media platform, it causes a stir.

Just last season, Walker went off on James Harden, essentially calling his type of play boring, and ineffective.

“I’m not a James Harden guy, and it’s not personal but you can’t win with that style,” Walker tells the ‘All Things Covered’ podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McGadden. “… Any time it takes a guy six, seven, eight dribbles to get to where he has to go, that’s a problem. It works today because it’s more of a pick-and-roll league, so he gets away with a lot of things now, but I would not leverage my future for James Harden.”

Harden clapped back and essentially called Walker a nobody.

For someone who has so much experience on the NBA hardwood, Walker does present some wild takes on occasions. Whether he truly believes it or not does not seem to be relevant anymore. The fact of the matter is, it’s out there and we’re talking about it.

Curry is the propeller that keeps the Dubs offense humming. Just because his numbers are not the greatest on his own team, it does not mean he is not the Warriors best player. Expect Curry’s numbers to improve as the series goes on, especially with the next two games at home.

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