Steph Curry Shares Brutal Opinion on Warriors’ Starting Lineup


The Golden State Warriors endured another tragic loss on Saturday to the Utah Jazz. The team is now sitting at 8-8 for the season after 16 games. After this tough loss to the Jazz on Saturday, Warriors’ All-Star Steph Curry shares his honest opinion on the team’s struggles with the starting lineup.

Steph Curry Shares His Opinion


Even at the very beginning of Saturday’s game, Utah appeared to be the better team, by far. They started the game with a 19-2 lead while the Warriors struggled to get their offense together. Even the Warriors’ 36 point performance in the third quarter didn’t stand a chance against the Jazz as they were defeated 127-108.

Following this defeat, Curry shared his true opinion on Golden State’s starting lineup struggles in a press conference with reporters.

Work in progress, obviously. The numbers aren’t great. Just trying to figure it out. … We do have stuff to figure out, obviously. I don’t have the answers right now.

It appears that no one on the team has an answer right now as teammate and star forward Draymond Green said he also didn’t know how to fix the Warriors’ starting lineup issues in his postgame interview.

Without Klay Thompson making an appearance this season, the Warriors are trying to find a lineup that works. Although the lineup seems good on paper, there has been no consistency throughout the season thus far. There is a lack of chemistry that is obvious on the court. Curry’s uncertainty concerning the lineup is not a good sign as the Warriors move forward.

Will a Change in the Lineup Help?


The Warriors are now at 8-8 for the season being almost a quarter of the way in. Not surprisingly, six of those eight losses have been by 10 or more points. 16 games into the season and the Warriors are still trying to see if their starting lineup is a match. As of now, the lineup consists of Curry, Green, Andrew Wiggins, Kelly Oubre Jr., and rookie James Wiseman.

Despite all of the obvious issues with the Warriors’ starting lineup, head coach Steve Kerr is still hesitant to change the team’s starting lineup. He had been heavily advocating patience, saying he needed at least 20 games to determine if this lineup would work. However, the Warriors are now 16 games into the 2020-21 NBA season and the same question remains. Part of this issue that is troubling the Warriors is their lack of identity.

One of the key issues in the starting lineup lies in Oubre Jr. This is his first year on the team after being acquired by a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder. When Steve Kerr experimented with a different lineup against the Los Angeles Lakers that had Oubre Jr. in a slightly different lineup without Curry or Green, he performed the best he had all season. Replacing Oubre Jr. with Damion Lee or Jordan Poole might be the Warriors’ best bet in an attempt to make the lineup work.

It doesn’t seem likely that Kerr would make this change, but there needs to be some time of shift in the lineup in order for the team to get back on track.

The Warriors will have another opportunity to hopefully get back in tune as they face off against the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight.

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