Warriors Urged to Trade for Star Pacers Big Man: ‘The ONE Guy’

Domantas Sabonis, left bottom, of the Pacers

Getty Domantas Sabonis, left bottom, of the Pacers

The Warriors are off to a 15-2 start, best in the NBA, and owner Joe Lacob has been forthright about his unwillingness to trade away the young assets the team has collected—James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody—to bring in more immediate, veteran help for a championship push. Thus it may seem that roster as it currently stands, with the impending addition of Wiseman and Thompson, will be how the team looks going forward.

But while the Warriors have not engaged in trade negotiations on their youngsters to this point, there’s still some lingering question about whether that will change as the season unfolds.

For veteran talker and analyst Bill Simmons, who was doing a podcast with respected Warriors reporter Marcus Thompson, there is one situation that should push Golden State to consider a deal: the Pacers’ big-man situation, where the team has struggled to make a pairing of Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner work.

The Warriors could use an upgrade in the middle, and Simmons sees Indiana as a potential answer.

“There’s one team that I think would be an interesting fit—and look at me, I’m going to start trade rumors,” Simmons said. “I have been watching an Indiana team that doesn’t really make sense together and it does seem like Turner or Sabonis will be a thing. I was thinking about Sabonis on this Golden State team and how interesting that would be. I was also thinking about Turner on this Golden State team and how interesting that would be.”

Sabonis’s Skill, IQ Make Him a Good Target

Granted, this is media speculation. But, hey, trade rumors are just part of the NBA and in reality, if the Warriors get the chance to add a talented young veteran who can both help now and in the future, the no-trade position might quickly change. Remember, they held fast to the idea that they were not going to trade away D’Angelo Russell in 2020—until Minnesota came in with a too-enticing offer.

Sabonis is 25, in his sixth season and, because of his outstanding passing, might make the most sense. He has averaged 17.8 points, 11.1 rebounds and 3.7 assists this season, making 57.3% of his shots. Sabonis is a two-time All-Star.

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“It’s like, all right,” Simmons said, “if Wiseman’s on the table but I’m getting one of those two guys back, and I’m trying to win a title and I have a real path now, in the West, like we could be the best team in the West—my instinct would be don’t do anything. But if there’s a Sabonis play because of his hoops IQ and just how I think he would fit in with that, I think they would have to explore that. That would be the ONE guy.”

Myles Turner Might Be a Better Warriors Fit

Thompson, though, would prefer Turner, who was rumored to be a potential Warriors target in the past year. Turner is also 25 and not the offensive player that Sabonis is, but he might work better as a fourth option with Golden State, one who plays great defense. Turner is shooting 40.7% from the 3-point line and blocking 3.0 shots per game.

“I want Myles Turner,” he said. “I like the 3-point shooting ability. I like the rim protection and the 3-point shooting ability. And Turner was a guy that was rumored to be in the mix around the draft but Indiana for some reason never decides to trade these guys.”

With either guy, it would not be a difficult trade to pull off—and the Warriors would not have to give up Andrew Wiggins to do it. A package of Wiseman and Kevon Looney would likely be the Warriors’ offer for Turner who, again, might be the better fit.

Given Sabonis’ higher usage rate and better overall talent, it would probably cost the Warriors one of their other young players to get a deal done. But Golden State could give up Wiseman, Looney and Damion Lee for Sabonis, though the Dubs might need to add a draft pick to make it palatable for the Pacers.

As it stands, the Warriors are not planning to make a move. But if the right opportunity is there, they’d have to consider it.

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