Draymond Green Explains Eye-Opening Comments Following Recent Warriors Loss


The Golden State Warriors had their most recent game in the proverbial bag until their star forward Draymond Green received two technical fouls. Not only did this help the Hornets to tie the game but it gave them the opportunity to win it in regulation, which they did via a Terry Rozier jump shot.

Following the game, Green took ownership of the loss and told the team how it was his fault. Yet that wasn’t all. Green had, even more, to say about the fiasco and how it played out.

He stated that he was “disappointed” in himself for how he acted and how this bothers him even more than his big suspension during the 2016 NBA Finals that the Warriors eventually lost.

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Green Knows What Happened Was “Frustrating”


Green has been as outspoken as ever this season. From his previous technical fouls to opening up about his mentor-mentee relationship with rookie center James Wiseman, he has been the voice for the team when they needed it. For better or for worse.

Speaking to reporters, via NBC Sports, about the game, Green elaborated for a great deal of time about how being an elder statesman on the team he has to be better and not let his teammates down in this way.

“I’m still a bit disappointed in myself because I think that whole situation bothered me…this situation, in particular, I had complete control over,” Green stated to reporters via NBC Sports Bay Area. I let that control get away from me and, in turn, I let the game away from myself and my teammates. I think the reason it bothered me more, obviously, as I said, your thoughts are your thoughts on the Game 5 situation and my thoughts are my thoughts. This young team, you know, winning an NBA game is not easy. And this young team has not had, you know, the guys on this team has not had much experience with winning. So to take the game away from my teammates, which, you know, they worked so hard for, was a bit frustrating for me because I let them down.”

Draymond Green just got ejected after double tech | Warriors vs Hornets#nba #nbahighlights #DraymondGreen2021-02-21T03:32:19Z

“Another reason it was a bit frustrating for me when I think of the whole entire picture of all of this – if you type in Draymond Green before Saturday the first clip you’ll see is me talking about the [Andre] Drummond situation. So to go from that situation to what the next thing you see is two completely, totally different ends of the spectrum and that’s where the disappointment for me lies, letting my emotions get the best of me and going from one of the most powerful statements in NBA history to that. It’s embarrassing. That’s where the disappointment comes from for me. Letting my teammates down and then that. The difference in those two situations. I’m much better than that.

Green Explains He’s a “Different Person” Now


Being one of the key cogs of such a young team, Green understands and knows he has to be as on top of his game, and himself, as ever before. He’s one of the leaders that the majority of the team will look to and follow behind his lead.

If his habits are productive then they ultimately help the younger Warriors to be better in the long run. If they aren’t, it could set habits that may take years to unlearn. Green stated that him growing up and realizing the responsibility he has really helped him to develop and that it’s time he makes more adjustments to provide a better perspetive.

“I’m a completely different person at 25 than I am at 30. So, when I look at the person who I am today, that should never happen. So, in saying that, I can admit my faults and when I’m wrong and I was wrong. And I have to do what I have to do to make that up to my teammates. Obviously like I told the guys I appreciate the support of me, but that action does not warrant support. With the support of teammates comes responsibility and I let that responsibility go. To think, just because they are my teammates and I have their support don’t necessarily mean I was deserving of it in that situation because I wasn’t. So, I’m very appreciative to them and I owe them.”

“I think it heavily impacts it,” Green said about the absence of other veterans on the team. “Just not having older vets, per se, to give you that perspective, you just kind of have to find it. It’s a completely different situation than I became accustomed to being in or part of but you just have to find it. It’s all part of growth. You’re not going to stay the young guy forever. One thing is for certain in this life is we all get older. That’s just the nature of it and so you just have to make that adjustment.”

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