Dwyane Wade Fires Strong Reaction to Steph Curry’s Insane Stretch


Golden State Warriors’ All-Star Stephen Curry has had two back-to-back outstanding games in the past week. He scored a career high 62 points against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday and 30 points against the Sacramento Kings the following night.

The entire league was amazed by Curry looking like an MVP once again including NBA All-Time great Dwyane Wade. Wade was so impressed that he asked Curry for some tips.

Dwyane Wade Asks Steph Curry For Help Training

Former Miami Heat star Dwyane WadeGetty

The league was in awe when Curry responded to his teams’ slow start to the season with two great games. Curry has totaled 92 points in just 67 minutes of play after adding his 30 points from the Warriors’ 137-106 win against the Kings to his insane 62 points Sunday night. In awe of Curry’s performance, Wade took to Twitter to ask the guard for some training tips.

Wade retired after the 2018-2019 season with the Miami Heat, but it appears that he still trains to remain in shape although he is no longer in the league. He acknowledges the significance of Curry’s back-to-back impressive performances and sees that it takes some great training to be able to perform like that consistently. Scoring 62 points in one night would leave any player, even a legend like Wade, nearly exhausted. Curry demonstrated that his stamina is like no other.

With Wade’s inquiry for training tips from Curry after his performance in the past two games it has some wondering why he would like to be in tiptop shape although he is no longer in the league.

Steph Curry Continues to Carry Warriors


Wade responded to Curry’s game with another tweet that had a hilarious portrayal of Curry’s possible look when he woke up Sunday morning before the game.

During the Warriors’ tough start to the season, Curry faced most of the blame for the team’s poor performance for his “lack of leadership.” After being blown out by the Trail Blazers in a 123-98 loss on Friday, Curry turned around and responded by dropping his 62 points.

The Warriors were expected to be a huge threat in the Western Conference this year but after an injury to All-Star Klay Thompson, those expectations died down. The team had a slow start to the season beginning with two blowouts against the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks. Just recently the team’s game has transformed due to Curry carrying the team almost.

Like Wade, most of the league is excited to see how Curry performs next. The Warriors are now 4-3 and are playing the LA Clippers next.

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