Fake Quote Has Curry Trending for Firing Shots at LeBron James


The Golden State Warriors have been having sort of a rocky season to kick off the 2020-21 NBA season however, All-Star Steph Curry always finds a way of reminding us why he may be arguably the greatest shooter in the league. After dropping 62 points in a win over the Portland Trail Blazers, a fake quote starts trending that has fans speculating if the guard deserves more respect.


The Making of Critics for This Season

Although Curry continues to shoot with nothing but accuracy, the team is still struggling to assist him offensively. This has caused the guard to attract criticism concerning his “lack of leadership.” In past years, Curry led the Warriors to four consecutive Finals appearances, winning three of them. Unlike the beginning of this season, those years he had assistance from players in the likes of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

Now the team has had somewhat of a makeover and circumstances surrounding the team are very different. All-Star Klay Thompson is ruled out for the entirety of the season due to an Achilles injury leaving the team without one of their best shooters. As a result, the team is struggling to establish consistency on the offensive side, which is hurting their chances of being playoff contenders in the Western Conference. With a mostly new and young team, Curry’s job as a leader has gotten more difficult.

However, the season has been looking up for Golden State with their much-needed win over the Trail Blazers Sunday night. Star forward Draymond Green made his season debut to assist the Warriors after missing the team’s first few games due to a foot injury. Curry also dropped a career-high of 62 points as he was able to take 31 shots, unlike previous games. But the team has not played as they did against the Trail Blazers for most of their 3-3 beginning to this season.


Context for the Fake Curry Quote

The Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers managed to make four consecutive Finals against each other from 2015-2018. Although Lebron James and the Cavs won the title in 2016, Curry and the Warriors won three of those rings in four years. With a lot of talent comes a lot of criticism. One common criticism of the team during that dynasty was that the team was “too stacked” which in turn takes credit away from the team’s Finals run.

On Twitter, a graphic emerged from an account that appears to have Curry firing back at haters, bringing up LeBron James to respond to those who are quick to blame him for the Warriors’ slow start.

In this fabricated quote, it appears that Curry is taking shots at LeBron James, whom he faced off against in the Warriors’ NBA Finals run. It is true that James couldn’t defeat Curry and the Warriors.

Although social media is quick to take something and give it light, it did bring up the conversation if Curry is at fault for the Warriors’ slow start this season. Although the Warriors are no longer the “superteam” that they once were, it seems that the Warriors are beginning to get on the right track of getting their team together.

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