Warriors Fans Clown Dillon Brooks for Unsurfaced Video: ‘I Wanna Be Like Draymond’

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors screens Memphis Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks.

Getty Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors screens Memphis Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks.

There has been a new chapter written in the ongoing beef between Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green and Memphis Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks.

Early on March 15, an old video of Brooks praising Green surfaced and began to make its rounds on Twitter. During an interview from his college days at Oregon, he explained that he had told his coach that he “wanted to be like Draymond Green for his team.”

Fans wasted no time and headed to the replies of Bleacher Report’s tweet of the video to clown Brooks.

One user (@DBookerhter) replied and pointed out that Green is going to have a great reaction when he sees the video.

“Draymond gonna have a field day with this s—,” they wrote.

A second account (@bankwoll) echoed that message, looking towards Green’s next episode of “The Draymond Green Show.”

“Draymond about to turn on that podcast and drop 2018 (Le)Bron numbers,” they replied with crying laughing emojis.

Another user (@mellystr) roasted Brooks, saying that he wants to be like Green “so bad.”

“He knew he was a fan. Guy tries to be Draymond so bad lol.”

Dillon Brooks Slams Draymond Green in Anti-Warriors Rant

The whole Green vs. Brooks rivalry has gained a ton of traction in recent weeks. Things started to get rolling when the 27-year-old ripped the Warriors star, during a March 3 interview with ESPN.

“I don’t like Draymond at all,” Brooks told ESPN’s Tim Keown. “I just don’t like Golden State. I don’t like anything to do with them. Draymond talks a lot. Gets away with a lot, too. His game is cool — with Golden State — but if you put him anywhere else, you’re not going to know who Draymond is. He plays with heart, plays hard, knows the ins and outs of their defense. I guess that’s why they like him over there.”

Prior to that interview, Brooks had good reason to have some disdain for Green and the Warriors. For starters, Memphis got bounced by Golden State in six games, during last season’s Western Conference Semifinals. On top of that, the Warriors had won each of the two regular season matchups up to that point.

Warriors’ Draymond Green Claps Back at Dillon Brooks

Green isn’t exactly known for backing down from a challenge. He took to his podcast to clap back at the Canadian guard.

“If you ever wonder why the Memphis Grizzlies is not ready to compete for a championship, look no further than this idiot right here,” Green retorted. “They’re actually depending on this guy to help them win a championship.”

Draymond then made sure to remind Brooks, as well as the rest of the league, of the many things he’s accomplished during his 11-year career.

“You talk a lot now, so if you had four rings, sure, you’d talk a lot more,” Green continued. “Four All-Stars, you’d probably talk a bit more. Defensive Player of the Year? Damn sure would talk more. Two Olympic gold medals? You definitely would be talking. Because that would mean that you beat Team USA, and we all know how that goes.”

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