Video of Warriors Star Jordan Poole Roasting Fan on IG Goes Viral

Jordan Poole

Warriors guard Jordan Poole clapped back at a fan who slid into his DMs to complain about losing a bet.

The Golden State Warriors‘ (13-13) loss to the Utah Jazz (15-12) was one of the most embarrassing defeats in recent memory. While the Warriors led by four points with just 13 seconds left on the clock, a horrible turnover by guard Jordan Poole allowed the Jazz to come out victorious.

While Poole was a huge reason the game was competitive, he scored 36 points with four rebounds and eight assists, he also accounted for six turnovers.

However, Poole’s 36 points weren’t enough for one fan who made a bet on the Warriors game. In a video shared on TikTok, which quickly went viral after it was shared by Bleacher Report on Twitter, viewers could see the scathing Instagram message sent to Poole, and the 23-year-old’s response.

The fan’s DM read in part, “I could’ve won a. bad tonight but nah you gotta get f****** stripped at the end of the game to sell my god damn ticket. Scored all points just to miss a clutch free throwand turn the f****** ball over at the end of the game. U are the least clutch mother f***** I’ve even seen…. The baddies weren’t in the crowd were they. Cuz that’s the only time u are any use to anybody.”

As seen in the video, Poole responded to the angry fan’s message just before 3 a.m. The Warriors star did some research to absolutely school the guy, finding out the fan plays defensive back and wears a No. 41 jersey on his high school football team.

Poole wrote back, “Lmaoo my boy, u have no stats,” with a laugh-cry emoji. “U need to worry about getting playing time on the field. And u wear number 41 lmao u don’t even get to pick your jersey… scram.”

Twitter Strongly Reacted to Poole’s Response

While Poole’s last-second flub against the Jazz was difficult to process for Dub Nation, reading his Instagram message in the viral video put a huge smile on fans’ faces. One fan tweeted in response, “The best thing that came from last nights lost to be honest with you 😂.”

One man reacted, “You wear number 41 gotta be one of the best lines, while another person wrote, “Bro really took the time to research his a** and then violate him.”

“bro told him to scram 😭😂,” one man tweeted, while another person commented, “Second he hit him w the comma after my boy, you knew he was boutta get flamed😭🤣.”

Several people pointed out how the phone featured in the video appeared incredibly dirty. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a dirty a** phone screen,” one man tweeted. Others couldn’t believe the video was posted on social media in the first place. One fan tweeted, “Men are legit bigger groupies than women. He hyped he got a response, even for something negative.”

Steve Kerr Said, ‘I Feel Terrible’ After the Inexplicable Loss

According to ESPN Stats & Info, the Jazz held a record of 1-718 over the last 25 seasons when trailing by four-plus points inside the final 10 seconds of the fourth quarter, but after Wednesday night’s loss, that record now stands at 2-718.

“In my experience, there’s one game like this every year where you leave the building saying, ‘What just happened?'” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said after the game. “You make mistakes down the stretch and you leave the arena just shaking your head, thinking, ‘How did we just let that happen?’… “I feel terrible for our guys because they fought and they did a lot of great things, but we have to close the door.”

Poole was also confused as to how they managed to choke at the end. “I heard on the catch, ‘Look for the foul on the ball,'” he said, per ESPN. “I don’t really know [what happened], to be honest.”

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