Warriors’ Klay Thompson Issues Bold Decree on Steph’s Future

Klay Thompson Stephen Curry Warriors

Getty Golden State Warriors stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson celebrate their team's championship victory.

For the first time since he hit the big three-oh back in 2018, the now-34-year-old Stephen Curry may have shown some signs that he’s slowing down during the Golden State Warriors‘ championship campaign in 2021-22.

We won’t ding him for the injury he suffered down the stretch of the regular season; that one is all on Marcus Smart. However, there was a slight drop in production as well.

If we’re not counting his five-game run in 2019-20, the two-time NBA MVP’s overall field-goal percentage dipped below 45% for the first time in his career last season, while his three-point conversion rate finally fell under 40%.

That’s not to knock the year he had, though. Most ballers would kill to log a 26-6-5 line and post shooting splits of 44-38-92 — that’s elite-level stuff. And Curry’s Finals run was one for the ages, which is why he was the obvious choice for MVP honors after the Dubs dropped the Celtics to secure the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

According to the other Splash Bro, Klay Thompson, Steph should be able to continue playing at an incredibly high level for years to come, too.

Thompson’s Hot Take on How Much Steph Has Left in the Tank

During his first media availability of the new NBA year on Sunday, Thompson was asked about Curry’s otherworldly, advanced-age exploits, and just how long we can expect him to continue on like this. His response made it clear that he’s taking the over on whatever line is being set.

“I think he can do it as long as he wants,” Thompson said. “Steph works so hard. He’s in great shape, and he really just loves the game. He’s extremely competitive. So, I think Steph can do this until he’s 40.”

Obviously, the number of pro ballers that last until 40 is incredibly small, and the portion of those that do so while maintaining some semblance of their peak productivity — that’s probably a single-digit list, even if you go back 30, 40 or more years. But, as Thompson sees it, Steph is in a good position to pull it off.

“I mean, his game is suited for it,” Thompson added. “He’s not a power player. He’s powerful, but he’s obviously based… his game is based on more finesse.

“He’ll do it for as long as he wants.”

Another of Wiseman’s Alma Maters Hit With Big Punishment

Warriors big man and former No. 2 pick James Wiseman has been embroiled in controversy for some time now — long before his weird injury situation over the last year-plus was a thing.

As a prep baller, his recruitment by former NBA star Penny Hardaway raised questions about his eligiblity. And earlier this year, Wiseman’s high school — Memphis East — was finally fined and forced to vacate a championship as a result of what occurred during his and Hardaway’s time there.

Flash-forward to now and his college, the University of Memphis, is also being punished.

As relayed by the Commercial Appeal, a years-long investigation resulted in Memphis being charged with committing multiple Level II and Level III NCAA violations on Tuesday. Consequently, the Tigers received a $5,000 fine and three years’ probation. They were also forced to vacate the two wins from Wiseman’s 2019-20 season that he actually participated in.

Wiseman’s eligibility status — both at the prep and collegiate levels — came into question as a result of an $11,500 payment made by Hardaway (who coached him at both schools) to the center’s mother in 2017 during his time at Memphis East.

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