EXCLUSIVE: Reggie Miller Delivers Powerful Message About Warriors’ Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

Getty Stephen Curry, Reggie Miller and Ray Allen during All-Star Weekend.

Hall of Famer Reggie Miller was at Madison Square Garden on December 14, 2021, when Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry passed Ray Allen on the NBA’s all-time 3-pointers made list. The Indiana Pacers legend was calling the game for TNT, just like he was when Allen passed him in 2011.

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Miller talked about what it was like watching Curry pass Allen, who was sitting right behind him at Madison Square Garden. The TNT broadcaster said the basketball gods couldn’t have scripted it any better since he and Allen were in attendance and Curry broke the record at MSG, the world’s most famous arena.

“It was very surreal. It’s like the basketball gods, they couldn’t have set it up any better,” Miller said. “I was in the building in Boston when Ray passed me, calling the game for TNT. I mean, could the basketball gods have written a better script? You’re gonna break Ray’s record, on TNT, with me calling the basketball game? It was perfect. In the world’s most famous arena.

“Because the night before, Steph had a chance to do it in Indiana, half-full arena. It wouldn’t have been the same. I’m glad I was there so we could show love to what Steph has done to elevate the art of shooting.”

Miller, who hit 2,560 3-pointers during his legendary career, has always been a huge fan of Curry. The Pacers icon believes the Warriors superstar has changed the game of basketball and is one of the most influential players in NBA history.

Miller on Curry: ‘He Has Changed the Game’

Miller told Heavy that Curry “has changed the game.” The 3-point shot is more prevalent than ever because of Curry and Miller is amazed by it.

“He has changed the game,” Miller said about Curry. “He changed the way these college kids prepare and work out and he’s certainly changed the NBA game. The game today is played outside-in and mostly all of it is because of Stephen Curry and it’s just a beautiful thing to watch.”

Teams used to get layups on fastbreaks back in the day. Now, they try to hit 3-pointers. Old basketball fans get sick of watching teams shoot 3-pointer after 3-pointer and Curry gets blamed a lot for ruining the game. He talked about that narrative with Shams Charania of The Athletic back in January.

Curry: ‘People Are Going to Talk Sh*t’

Curry disagrees with the notion that he ruined basketball. The three-time champion told Charania that he doesn’t let his detractors bother him since he knows how pure his game is.

“I’ll get tagged on something on social media, like, ‘You ruined the game,’” Curry said. “Anybody who knows basketball knows where I stand on that. It’s an amazing way to play the game. It opens up the creative. Everybody loves to shoot the ball. But you can’t skip the work and years and years and years and years of reps that I put in and everybody on this level has. So, don’t skip that process. It is a fun way to play, and it’s dope to know that everybody feels an attachment to it. People are going to talk sh*t. Hate and love and criticism and celebration — everything. That’s why I stay so even keel.”

Even though Curry is ahead of Allen and Miller on the NBA’s all-time 3-pointers list, the three shooters will always be linked for advancing the game.

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