Warriors’ Steph Curry Criticizes Team’s Intelligence After Back-to-Back Blowouts


The Golden State Warriors’ are 0-2 to start off the season with both losses not even being close. The team lost to the Brooklyn Nets on their opening night and fell to the Milwaukee Bucks on Christmas Day.

All-Star Steph Curry didn’t hesitate to bring up his opinion of the rest of the team’s  ‘lack of IQ’ after two back-to-back blowouts to start the season.


Curry Speaks on the Team’s ‘Collective IQ’

The current state of the Warriors is nothing but astonishing. What was considered an almost elite team a few years back is now a remodeled lineup that is yearning for a win, and veteran Steph Curry is not satisfied with his team’s decision-making skills on the court.

Per Connor Letourneau on Twitter, after the team’s embarrassing Christmas Day loss to Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks, Curry said to reporters:

“Our group’s collective IQ has to get a lot better”

Agreed, the Warriors haven’t had an ideal start to the season. However, in the Warriors’ defense, their first two games of the season were against two of the Eastern Conference’s most dominant teams, and by the looks of it, the Warriors seem to be on the verge of a top draft pick next year.

When asked how to fix the team’s issue offensively he replied:

“I don’t know,” per Anthony Slater on Twitter. “We just have to focus more on what we’re trying to do. Sometimes when you miss shots, you tend to force and press and not think.

During the team’s season opener in Barclays Center against the Brooklyn Nets, the Warriors were defeated 125-99. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were shooting lights out for a combined 48 points against the Warriors’ less than impressive defense. Being Irving and Durant’s debut game with their new teams, it was expected for the two to perform well, although it was at the Warriors’ expense.

In the following game on Christmas Day, the Warriors were nearly destroyed by the Bucks losing 138-99.


Offensive Struggle For the Warriors

The Warriors have been outscored by a combined 65 points in only their first two games of the season. Curry has been playing well scoring 20 points against the Nets and 19 against the Bucks. He’s playing pretty consistently here at the beginning of the season but unfortunately, he isn’t getting much help offensively.

The Warriors have shot less than 40 percent from the field in both of their games, while also shooting less than 30 percent from the three, a shot that the Warriors were most known for years ago.

Warriors’ first-rounder James Wiseman has been the most impressive part of the team’s lineup so far making a major impact on the floor and keeping up offensively scoring 18 points against the Bucks.

The Warriors’ offense used to be close to perfection, and as stated earlier in the season, Curry has emphasized that the team needs to remain balanced and focus on their execution.

Curry’s Supporting Cast Needs to Make Better Decisions

To hopefully help Curry on the offensive side are also Andrew Wiggins and Kelly Oubre Jr. However, they have not lived up to their expectations in these first two games of the season. Curry has expressed to the two that they need to remain focused but it’s not clear if they are sure what the focus is. These two need to step up in order for the team to succeed because Curry cannot carry the team by himself. Yes, Oubre and Wiggins have room to improve, but even with that being said it’s hard to envision the team as a Western threat just yet.

Once star center Draymond Green returns after missing the team’s first two games due to a foot injury, it should surely help Curry on the offensive side. As a team, their shot selection has to improve along with everything on the defensive end. The team has managed to allow 125 and 138 points in their first two games.

Curry isn’t wrong though, smarter decisions have to be made if they want to even be considered as a playoff team in the West. The team seems to be closer to a top draft pick than they are to a playoff spot. Hopefully, the Warriors can make better offensive decisions when they face the Chicago Bulls on Sunday.

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