Michelle Beisner, Joe Buck’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

joe buck wife michelle beisner

Getty Joe Buck and his wife, Michelle Beisner, in 2017.

Fox Sports broadcaster Joe Buck’s wife is Michelle Beisner-Buck, an ESPN reporter and former Denver Broncos cheerleader. Buck, 49, and Beisner-Buck, 41, have been married since 2014. She recently gave birth to their twin sons, Wyatt and Blake.

Buck, who is calling the U.S. Open for Fox and also does play-by-play for the network’s NFL and MLB broadcasts, was previously married to Ann Archambault Buck, whom he dated off-and-on starting in middle school, and he has two daughters, Trudy and Natalie Buck, with her. They were married in 1993, separated in 2010 and divorced in 2011.

Here’s what you need to know about Joe Buck’s wife Michelle Beisner-Buck:

1. Beisner & Buck Met in 2012 Through Her Then-NFL Network Colleague Rich Eisen & He Got Tattoos to Impress Her

joe buck wife

Joe Buck and his wife, Michelle Beisner Buck.

Joe Buck and Michelle Beisner met in 2012 through her then-NFL Network colleague Rich Eisen, according to The Ringer. Eisen told The Ringer “somebody in the booth wants your number,” and she started listing names of prominent broadcasters before saying, “Please don’t say its’s Joe Buck.” Beisner told The Ringer she later realized her impression of Buck was based on the way many see him on TV, saying he seemed “smug and arrogant.” There was one other issue that got in the way when Eisen first called her about Buck – she was living with her boyfriend at the time. According to The Ringer, buck “gently pushed the point himself after Eisen’s icebreaker,” joking with her, “Still live with that boyfriend of yours? Well that’s dumb.”

By the Super Bowl in 2013, Beisner was single and the two began dating. They were married a year later and Beisner told The Ringer he thoughts about her now-husband have completely changed from what she thought she knew about him. She said Buck, “is the furthest thing from arrogant or smug that any human being could be. I mean, the complete and opposite end of the spectrum.”

While they were dating, Buck learned Beisner liked men with tattoos, he told The Ringer. So he decided to get one on each of his inner biceps. One reads, “So What?,” his father’s saying for “not giving a damn,” according to The Ringer. The other reads, “Bastante,” which is Spanish for “enough.” Beisner told The Ringer, “I think he would like to be able to live by those words. Enough of the bullshit.”

Beisner and Buck were engaged in August 2013 and married April 13, 2013, in Cabo San Lucas, according to TMZ. His NFL broadcast partner and legendary Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was among the guests in attendance.

“The pictures are starting to trickle in from the most important night of my life. What a magical, unforgettable weekend. Under the stars. Our feet in the sand. Surrounded by so much love. I’m blessed beyond words to have found my true partner in life,” Michelle wrote on Instagram.

2. She Gave Birth to Their Twin Sons in April

Michelle Beisner-Buck gave birth to their twin sons on April 26, 2018, according to her Instagram. The caption on a photo of Michelle and Joe Buck reads, “Welcome to the world Wyatt Joseph Buck and Blake Andrew Buck. What a ride we’ve been on. Now to see you. Smell you. Snuggle you. All worth every second of it. What a gift from God. Okay, two. This is actually Joe typing this. Michelle has her hands full at the moment. Happy Birthday Lil Men…..We are so in love with you.”

Michelle wrote on Father’s Day 2018, “Happy Father’s Day to YOU @boejuck There is literally no one better in the ‘Dad Department.’ To watch the kind of father you are to @nattiebuck @trudybuck #wyattjosephbuck & #blakeandrewbuck has been the greatest gift, and joy to see. Thank you for laughing, loving, protecting and parenting the right way, every day. So in love with you. My best friend. My perfect partner. Now go kill that @usopengolf coverage and come the f%#k home; We miss you Daddy!!!”

Beisner-Buck has also posted about how lucky she is to be part of Buck’s family, including his daughters, Trudy and Natalie. On Father’s Day in 2014, she wrote on Instagram, “As I said to you in front of our family and friends just over two months ago….To watch and witness the father that you are to @nattiebuck and @trudybuck is one of the most inspiring and beautiful things I have ever seen. I love you, and am so proud of you and all you do!!”

3. Beisner-Buck Is a Colorado Native, Went to Metro State & Was a Captain of the Denver Broncos Cheerleading Team for 4 Years

Michelle Beisner was born in Colorado and graduated from Lakewood’s Green Mountain High School, according to Mile High Sports. A dancer and cheerleader, Beisner then attended Metropolitan State University in Denver, graduating in 2005 with a degree in communication, according to a Metro State student newspaper article.

Beisner was already working as a Denver Broncos cheerleader at the time and was among several members of the cheer team who were also studying at Metro State. She also paid her way through school by working as a waitress at Denver Chophouse. “The more you can do, the better,” she said said about working, leading the cheer team and being a student at the same time.

joe buck wife michelle

Joe Buck with his wife, Michelle.

She was a cheerleader with the Broncos for six years, including four years as captain, and represented the team at the Pro Bowl in 1999. She also traveled around the world, including to Canada, South America, Hong Kong and Australia teaching dance. She was part of a USO tour to Iraq and Africa. She was on the sideline when the Broncos won the Super Bowl. “Winning Superbowl XXXII, you could see and feel the excitement. It was such an emotional high.”

Beisner told Mile High Sports in 2012, “It’s truly been an honor for me to be able to say that I was an NFL cheerleader. It was the greatest six plus years of my life. It made me accountable. It made me respectful. It’s humbled me. It made me a better woman, a better person. There’s a sad and unfortunate misconception that goes along with being an NFL cheerleader. I thoroughly enjoyed week after week, year after year of breaking down that stereotype. If someone sees you a certain way, it’s fun being able to prove them wrong. For me it was one of my greatest joys. I enjoyed breaking down those walls, showing that there was more to me than what people just thought of NFL cheerleaders. There is substance, depth, intelligence and charisma.”

Beisner has a sister, Leah Beisner

4. She Is an Emmy Award-Winner Who Worked for 8 Years at the NFL Network Before Moving to ESPN in 2014, Covering Football as a Features Reporter

Beisner moved to Los Angeles in 2006 and eventually broke into sports journalism, working as a TV host and covering Champ Cor World Series races, according to Mile High Sports. She then began working at the NFL Network in 2006, as a studio hos and field reporter, according to her ESPN.com bio. On NFL Network, “she appeared on a variety of programs and specials including Game Day First, Game Day Morning, NFL Total Access and NFL Fantasy Live.”


Beisner, who has won multiple Emmy Awards for her reporting, shifted to ESPN in 2014 as a features reporter. She spent two seasons working with “Sunday NFL Countdown,” and now works on “Monday Night Countdown,” the pregame show before Monday Night Football.

“Beisner-Buck has a knack for getting big interviews and doing memorable storytelling. She has contributed notable pieces, including conversations with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Texans defensive end JJ Watt; a touching portrait (and follow-up) on Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still and his daughter Leah as she battled Stage 4 Neuroblastoma; and a feature on Broncos safety Rahim Moore, who suffers from a rare condition called Acute Compartment Syndrome,” ESPN says in her bio. “In addition to her feature reporting, Beisner-Buck has been a guest host for NFL Live.”

5. Beisner & Buck Live in the St. Louis Area When They Aren’t on the Road for Their TV Jobs

michelle beisner buck

Joe Buck and Michelle Beisner Buck.

When they aren’t on the road for their respective TV jobs, Michelle and Joe Buck live in the St. Louis area, in Ladue, Missouri, according to St. Louis Magazine.

During a 2017 interview with Howard Stern, Michelle and Joe revealed that she still has her uniform from her days as a Broncos cheerleader. “Here’s the thing … the Denver Bronco cheerleaders wear chaps,” Joe told Howard. “She still has them.” Beisner told Stern that she has showed off her moves for her husband, putting on a floor routine for him.

“If you don’t bring out the chaps for that then why do you have the chaps?” Michelle told Stern with a smile.