Harold Varner & Girlfriend Amanda Singleton Are Getting Married

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Getty Harold Varner and girlfriend Amanda Singleton are heading towards a September wedding.

Harold Varner III and longtime girlfriend Amanda Singleton are headed towards a fall wedding. According to The Knot, the couple is set to get married in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 26, 2020. Singleton tries to keep a low profile except for the occasional photo on Varner’s Instagram page.

Varner refers to his fiancee as Beth and recently shared a few photos on social media. One showed the couple sharing a kiss outside while the other was a birthday wish on Singleton’s 30th birthday.

“30…..#WeHere. Happy Birthday Beth,” Varner noted on Instagram.

Varner’s Golf Clubs Were Accidentally Bent in Singleton’s Car Prior to the 2018 Wyndham Championship

Singleton made headlines in 2018 after Varner’s clubs were accidentally bent in the trunk of her car. Varner explained the situation which caused him to have to purchase a last-minute set of clubs ahead of the Wyndham Championship.

“Yeah, my club got bent in Amanda’s car. On that car right there,” Varner told Golf Digest. “There is a little railing in the back for like — when old people get groceries and can’t reach in the back there is a little bar you can slide up to keep your groceries from coming back. The clubs, my 7-iron and my 4-iron got stuck in there. I didn’t know it. I get my 4-iron out and it’s like bent. I’m like, All right, so it’s only the 4-iron. Pull out 5-iron, it’s bent, too. What the? So I had to get a new set. Got a new set at Wyndham. I hit them terrible. It sucked. Didn’t hit it good. Live and you learn.”

The Couple Met During an Accounting Class at East Carolina University

According to Jacksonville.com, the couple met at an accounting class at East Carolina University. The two initially started out as friends until Singleton had a conversation with Varner.

“He’s always nice, always sweet, but I finally told him we needed to talk and I said, ‘I’m sorry that we never pursued [a dating relationship], but I’d like to try,'” Singleton explained to Jacksonville.com.

Varner kept his response simple despite being a little concerned that it could have a negative impact on their friendship if things did not work out.

“Uh, sold,” Varner told Singleton.

Not everyone bought the idea that Varner was that concerned about preserving their friendship. Varner’s caddie Ray Farnell told Jacksonville.com that the golfer had been eying a romantic relationship with Singleton for years.

“He’s been chasing her for years,” Farnell noted.

Singleton Put Her Real Estate Career on Hold to Travel With Varner

Singleton had a real estate career but put things on hold to travel with Varner on the PGA Tour, per Jacksonville.com. Singleton is passionate about health and fitness as she balances time as an esthetician and barre teacher.

Things are a bit different now that only essential people are allowed at tournaments as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also makes it challenging to plan a wedding given some of the restrictions for large gatherings.

“Walking into another week of social distancing with this guy like…. 😳🥰😩😘🤪 #alltheemotions #quarantinelife #socialdistancing #engagement #engagementsession #septemberwedding #2020,” Varner noted on Instagram.

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