Scottie Scheffler Shows Epic Masters Plan If Wife Meredith Goes Into Labor

Meredith Scheffler

Getty Scottie Scheffler is prepared to leave the Masters if his wife Meredith Scheffler goes into labor.

Scottie Scheffler’s wife Meredith Scheffler is pregnant with the couple’s first child, and the golfer is prepared to bolt the Masters on Sunday if she goes into labor. Scottie once again confirmed that he will leave Augusta National during play if he gets notified that Meredith is going into labor. The star golfer indicated his team is working around the Masters’ no cell phone rule.

“Yeah, I definitely have a way to get home pretty quickly,” Scottie told reporters on April 13, 2024. “And yeah, we have somebody here that has access to their cell phone. [Hope] that’s all right. And yes, I’ll be available to go home whenever I need to.”

Scottie was asked if he believed Meredith would call if she does go into labor during the Masters. The golfer once again emphasized that he wants to know if their first child is coming.

“She better call,” Scottie responded with a laugh.

Scottie Scheffler’s Wife Meredith’s Due Date Is a ‘Few Weeks Away’

Scottie and Meredith have not revealed a specific due date, but the golfer told ESPN during the Par 3 broadcast that she is still “a few weeks away.” Obviously, things can change during the course of a pregnancy.

Scottie noted that Meredith did not get clearance from the doctors to travel to Augusta, so she is watching from home. The star has been open about how Meredith helped calm his nerves prior to winning the 2022 Masters. Now, Scottie points to Meredith’s pregnancy as the “most exciting thing” in their lives.

“Going into Sunday [final round of 2022 Masters], I think Meredith and I were just a little bit emotional about what was going on at the time, because our lives were changing at a very rapid pace,” Scheffler explained. “And I think now we’ve settled into a little bit more of where our lives are at. And right now, the most exciting thing for us is not winning the Masters. It’s a baby coming here pretty soon.

“And so, things are a lot different now, and I feel like we’ve both matured,” Scottie added. “But I think a lot of that emotion from Sunday morning a few years ago was more about just how quickly our life was changing. And it was more of a, ‘Are we ready for this type of thing?’ And yeah, that’s when Mere gave me that nice speech and here we are.”

Scottie on Chances of Wife Meredith Going Into Labor During the Masters: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I’m Very Concerned’

Scottie revealed that a few of his friends are staying with him in Augusta so he does not have to experience the Masters alone. While the golfer is ready to leave, if necessary, it sounds like Scottie and Meredith are not expecting the baby to come during the tournament.

“As far as her going into labor, I wouldn’t say I’m very concerned,” Scheffler said during an April 11 press conference. “We haven’t seen any of the early signs. But pregnancy is weird. It can happen at any time. [We have] open lines of communication, and she can get ahold of me if she needs to.

“And yeah, I’m ready to go at a moment’s notice.”