Packers Contract Offer for Davante Adams Revealed

Getty The Green Bay Packers low-balled superstar wide receiver Davante Adams prior to being traded.

The Green Bay Packers had to trade away one of the greatest wide receivers in franchise history last offseason, and now Davante Adams is opening up as to why the two sides were unable to keep the 30-year-old in Green Bay.

Adams made a guest appearance on the “I AM ATHLETE” podcast on Friday, May 19 to open up about his current situation and his time with the Packers. The six-time Pro Bowler revealed that there’s no bad blood between himself and the Green Bay organization, but also shared that more than a few factors went into his decision not to re-sign with the Packers.

Along with Rodgers considering retirement and the Packers placing him on the franchise tag, Adams revealed that the team’s contract offer was a big reason for his departure. The 30-year-old shared that the team’s original offer was “south of $20” million per year, which didn’t end up coming close to the $28 million per year he received from the Las Vegas Raiders following their trade.

“Honestly, there was no bad blood,” Adams shared. “I still respect and talk to a lot of those guys over there…It was just a business decision that had to be made.”

Davante Adams Opens Up About “The Last Dance” Post

Along with talking about his departure from the Packers, Adams talked on Brandon Marshall’s podcast about his cryptic Instagram post prior to the 2021 season. The post showed a picture of Chicago Bulls legends Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, and with Rodgers posting the same thing to his account, it seemed to imply that the two were preparing for their final season together.

However, Adams revealed that the whole incident was blown out of proportion, and that the 30-year-old was simply having some fun with the narratives going around about himself and his superstar quarterback at the time.

“It was the offseason,” Adams said. “We was poking a little fun. It is what it is. I got asked a million times after that about that. I posted it then Aaron had put it up, too, and it had started a whole bunch of stuff. And it wound up being the Last Dance when it wasn’t really like a real thing.”

While it ultimately did end up being their last season together, the post doesn’t appear to have had any kind of impact on the decisions of either player about their future in Green Bay.

Could Davante Adams Return to Green Bay?

With Adams’ college quarterback in Derek Carr gone from Las Vegas, Packers fans have been calling for a reunion between the star wideout and Green Bay. Trade proposals have even been suggested for Adams to leave the Raiders and come back home, but the financials required to work out a deal make it extremely unrealistic.

Along with that, Adams likely wants to remain on the West Coast, as playing closer to his family was a big reason for him wanting to leave Green Bay. Returning to the Packers after just one season would completely defeat that purpose, with the majority of his family living in California.

As much as Packers fans would love to see Adams back in their uniform, it seems like that chapter of his career has already been closed.

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