Colts Fans Voice Their Displeasure With Online Petition


The Indianapolis Colts are working through the second batch of interviews for up to seven candidates for their head coaching job. Of the announced candidates who are slated for a second interview, one candidate is dividing fans, media, and the Colts top brass alike. On Thursday January 26, a fan made petition on reached its signature goal of 2500 signatures and it is well on its way to 5000 as of Friday morning. The petition’s goal? To encourage Jim Irsay, owner of the Colts, to not hire Jeff Saturday as the next head coach of the team.

The Petition

The petition was made by a Colts fan, Shawn Ward, over two weeks ago, but the petition only caught on with fans once it was announced the Colts would bring Saturday back for a second interview.

“To Mr. Irsay, We as Colts fans will always love the memories of the SB XLI team; we love the former players and the people they’ve become, but we don’t want Jeff Saturday as the head coach of this team going forward. Please hire someone with experience and save your fan base from revolting and losing interest.” Ward wrote.

On the petition page, one Colts fan Christopher Daley, shared his thoughts in one of the top liked comments on the petition.

“Jim, I swear to god if you make this hire…  Season tickets- gone. Half the fan base- gone. Credibility through the league – gone.” Daley wrote.

While the petition only represents a small portion, fans of the team have taken to other avenues to voice their displeasure. In a twitter poll conducted by Nate Atkins of the Indy Star, Atkins posited the question to fans: “How would you feel if the Colts hired Jeff Saturday as head coach.” With almost 300 votes, over 74 percent of the fans voted they would ‘hate it’ if Saturday was hired.

Gregg Doyle, Atkins colleague at the Indy Star, backs up the claim, writing on Thursday January 26 that if the Irsay hires Saturday, he will fracture the fan base and calls for Irsay to ‘save your fan base from revolting.’

“This fan base is done with him. Done.” Doyle wrote.

Jim Irsay Still Wants Jeff Saturday

Despite the fans voicing their displeasure at the potential of Saturday returning as head coach, the decision will ultimately fall to Irsay. Across the league, members of the NFL media are quite convinced Irsay is still leaning to hiring Saturday. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk is one member of the NFL media landscape that believes Saturday will end up with the head coaching job.

“The longer Saturday remains in the mix, the greater the chance he gets the job.’ Florio wrote. “He’s [Saturday] in it. And he may very well win it.”

Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network reported on Sunday January 22 that Irsay has confidence in Saturday. “Irsay believes in him and wants him to have a chance.” Pelissero said.

Josina Anderson of CBS Sports reported that Irsay still has desires to hire Jeff Saturday” and noted that those in the organization that have Irsay’s ear are not in favor of hiring Saturday.

Even with members of the organization and fans pushing back on the prospect of Saturday getting the job, the ultimate decision will fall to Irsay, and if the reporting around the league is to be believed, Irsay has his sites on Saturday.



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