Colts’ Matt Ryan Fires Message to QB Dak Prescott After Blowout Loss

Matt Ryan

Getty Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan delivered some words to Dallas Cowboys signal caller Dak Prescott after Week 13.

The Indianapolis Colts embarrassed themselves in Week 13, allowing the Dallas Cowboys to outscore them by 33 points in the fourth quarter on their way to routing the Colts, 54-19.

Entering their bye week, Indianapolis sat at 4-8-1 having lost six of their last seven games. The Colts have every look of a bad football team.

Of course, there’s always two sidelines in every football game. On the opposite sideline from the Colts in Week 13, the Cowboys looked really, really good.

Indianapolis quarterback Matt Ryan shared that feeling to Cowboys signal caller Dak Prescott when the two met for the customary postgame handshake on Sunday night.

“Dak, way to play, bro,” Ryan told Prescott. “You guys got a squad. Go get it.

“Go get it, alright? Enjoy it.”

Ryan Delivers Professionalism to Teammates & Opponents

Colts fans have read all about Ryan’s professionalism towards his teammates, particularly fellow quarterback Sam Ehlinger, this season. When Ryan lost his job to Ehlinger after Week 7, the 15-year signal caller didn’t use the media to express his displeasure.

The assumption is that, just like any competitor would be, Ryan didn’t enjoy losing his job. But reports that Ryan was upset about the quarterback change were very minimal.

Publicly, Ryan expressed a desire to help Ehlinger and the Colts succeed.

“I love Sam. He’s been awesome since the day I got here,” Ryan said. “My job shifts now — now I gotta do everything I can to help him. He’s gonna do great for us.”

Ehlinger shared with the media that privately, Ryan told him, “I’ve got your back, no matter what happens.”

What Younger Signal Callers Can Learn From Ryan

Prescott is in his seventh NFL season, so he’s a veteran quarterback in his own right. But there are still things he could probably learn from Ryan, who entered the league in 2008.

As much as Prescott and the Cowboys might not want this lesson, one thing Ryan could teach him and any young signal caller is the fact that opportunities to win a championship sometimes don’t come around too often.

Ryan has captured an MVP award, earned Offensive Rookie of the Year honors, made four trips to the Pro Bowl and won 124 games as a starting NFL quarterback. He’s also ranked Top 10 all time in passing yards, passing touchdowns and completions.

But Ryan has played in just two championship games in his career, winning one. He was in position to win the Super Bowl and earn the game’s most valuable player award, but then Tom Brady’s comeback happened.

Ryan has amassed more than 20,000 passing yards and 120 touchdowns in the last five years alone, and yet, he hasn’t made a postseason start during that time.

Prescott appears poised to make his fourth postseason appearance in 2022-23, including second straight. He is 1-3 in his postseason career.

The Cowboys have won and advanced to more Super Bowls than any other team in the NFC in history, and yet, their fans should know all about how championship opportunities can be few and far between. Dallas hasn’t advanced to the NFC Championship Game since the 1995-96 season.

But Ryan sounds like a man who wouldn’t bet on that streak continuing after 2022-23.

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