Chiefs’ Chris Jones Sends Perfect Message to Bengals Amid ‘Burrowhead’ Talk

Chris Jones

Getty Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones in 2022.

The founder and CEO of “sack nation,” Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones, addressed the media on January 27 ahead of the AFC Championship and he had the perfect message for the Cincinnati Bengals.

“God is good,” Jones responded after being asked if the Chiefs are relishing this rematch against the Bengals. “It’s like a full 360, right? Same thing, same circumstances, under Burrowhead Stadium — so, feeling good about it.”

No, that’s not a typo. Jones actually used the term “Burrowhead” with a straight face after Cincinnati players mocked KC all week. “Yeah, Burrowhead Stadium, right?” Jones responded with a smile when a follow-up question asked if he misspoke.

Chiefs Want to Do Their Talking on the Field vs Bengals

Whether it’s been Patrick Mahomes II, Justin Reid, or head coach Andy Reid himself, we’ve seen a clear effort from the Chiefs to do their trash-talking on the field versus the Bengals. Jones all but confirmed that during his press conference.

“I can’t control anyone else,” Jones replied, regarding smack talk. “I think this program is run like that — it’s been run like that for years. We don’t do a lot of talking, we just go out and play the game, respectfully.”

The one minor slip-up was linebacker Willie Gay Jr., who provided the slightest bit of motivational material for Cincy. Aside from that, mum’s been the word for KC.

“We got a huge challenge ahead of us,” Jones voiced to reporters. “We got a great team [playing against us], great offense, heck of a quarterback, and we know what’s ahead of us. We know what we have to do to overcome these obstacles and we just gotta put the ball down.”

The game wrecker D-lineman also joked about his inability to bring down Joe Burrow in the past — especially in last year’s AFC Championship.

“I haven’t touched him yet in the playoffs but I appreciate the kind words [from Burrow],” Jones admitted. “He’s tough to bring down — he’s quicker than he’s perceived, agile, slithery at times, and hopefully we’re able to get our hands around him and get him down a couple of times.”

In terms of the Bengals-Chiefs rivalry, Jones had a similar message as Mahomes’ earlier in the season. “A rivalry is when you go back and forth with winning and losing, winning and losing,” Jones stated. “We haven’t beaten them yet.”

The task is unmistakable for KC, win at all costs.

Chiefs’ Frank Clark Praises Joe Burrow, Says AFC Championship ‘Never Gets Old’

Fellow Chiefs defensive lineman Frank Clark spoke after Jones, and he was just as complimentary of Burrow.

“I feel like — pocket quarterback — I feel like he’s the best in the game,” Clark praised. “He got that Peyton Manning in him. No matter how many times he gets hit, no matter how many times he gets knocked down, he’s getting back up [and] he’s controlling [and] bringing his offense back together and making the right plays.”

As for this this budding AFC rivalry that everyone’s talking about, Clark was just happy to be a part of it.

“It never gets old,” Clark replied to the media about playing the Bengals in the title game. “You gotta enjoy the process… I was talking to some of the younger guys — some of the newer guys, guts that haven’t been around with us for this journey — and just letting them know the importance of just enjoying the journey [and] enjoying the road you’re on with your guys.”

Jones and Clark will attempt to get after Burrow on Sunday. If they fail, it could mean trouble for Kansas City.

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