Former Chiefs Head Coach Offers up Advice for OC Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy Chiefs

Getty Images Eric Bieniemy has served as the Chiefs offensive coordinator since 2018.

If team owners are smart, Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy will become a head coach in the 2021 season. In the run-up to that, many are offering up advice for the soon-to-be manager, including the person whose job he might take.

Interim Houston Texans head coach Romeo Crennel–and former Chiefs head coach–had this to say about Bieniemy’s efforts thus far in becoming the man in charge of his own franchise:

“I think he has to continue to keep working because he has done a good job,” Crennel said, via The Texans Wire. “He’s with a good organization and I can tell even though Andy (Reid) calls the plays, he relies on Eric quite a bit because they talk a lot during the offensive sequence.

“When you talk about not having gotten a chance yet, the fact that you’re getting chances and getting interviews means that people are talking about you. Eventually, it’s going to happen for you. I think it’ll happen for him as well because, I mean, I had eight interviews before I got a head job, so just keep working, keep doing what you’re doing, winning Super Bowls and go on.”

Defensive coordinator at the time, Crennel became Kansas City’s interim head coach in 2011 after they fired Todd Haley. He was named the Chiefs’ head coach heading into the 2012 season. After an abysmal 2-14 record, the 73-year-old was let go after one season.

Analyst Believes Bieniemy and Watson Would Work Well in Houston

There are several teams who wants the 51-year-old’s services. But, it appears the Texans are  the No. 1 landing spot. Former Hall-of-Famer Michael Irvin agrees, especially with the franchise quarterback currently at NRG Stadium.

Speaking on Sports610 Radio in Houston, the former Dallas Cowboy said Bieniemy would be the ideal fit in Houston with Deshaun Watson. Considering Bieniemy is working alongside the league’s best signal-caller, it makes sense to groom Patrick Mahomes’ competition.

“I would want to rob off the tree that Patrick Mahomes is pulling his fruit off of. I would want to take that guy that guy that they have over there, the offensive coordinator (Bieniemy) and see if he can create a similar thing right there in Houston and you know you have the guy at quarterback. You can put the pieces around him. Deshaun Watson can do a lot of the things that Patrick Mahomes does and that’s exactly what I would. I would go get that offensive coordinator from the Chiefs that learned under that master Andy Reid for all of these years and I’m gonna tell him ‘do with D-Wat what he did with Patrick Mahomes.'”

Bieniemy Recently Spoke About Chiefs’ Offensive Issues

It’s no secret the Chiefs have struggled in the red zone, going 0-4 and settling for field goals in a nervy 22-16 win against the Denver Broncos. Speaking about those issues on Thursday, the Louisiana native was pretty blunt about the setbacks, blaming coaching and execution as catalysts.

“As a coaching staff, we always want to make sure that we’re studying and that we’re exhausting every opportunity for our guys to be successful,” Bieniemy said, via The Chiefs Wire. “And then when it’s all said and done with, the players’ responsibility is to make sure that they’re executing their jobs with great attention to details. So, somewhere along the line, we have to come together and get that fixed together.”

They’ll need to take heed of those remarks, Kansas City have a tough road game against the New Orleans Saints Sunday afternoon.

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