Chiefs Legend Jamaal Charles Claps Back at Former All-Pro for Viral Diss

Getty Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles.

Former All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy took to FS1’s “Speak” to explain why he doesn’t believe new Washington Commanders assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy will have success in his new role. Kansas City Chiefs legend Jamaal Charles caught wind of McCoy’s take on Bieniemy and clapped back at the former All-Pro.

“I have to disagree with you Shady. Bieniemy Coach me 4 years I learned so many [things from] EB and I still keep in contact with him a great husband and father,” Charles said on Twitter on February 21. “He deserves to be a head coach.”

What Did McCoy Say About Bieniemy?

Jamaal Charles was responding to a series of examples LeSean McCoy gave on “Speak” to explain why Bieniemy would struggle in his new role.

“What’s his value? What makes him a good offensive coordinator?” McCoy asked the “Speak” panel when he gave his take on Bieniemy on February 20. “See, the problem is, a lot of these people that go on social media, ‘Oh, he should be the guy for the [head coach] job,’ they haven’t played [in Kansas City], they’re not in the locker room.”

McCoy, then 31 years old, signed with the Chiefs in September of 2019. During Kansas City’s Super Bowl campaign, McCoy was active for a total of 14 games, 13 of which were during the regular season. He was active for one playoff game but did not play.

“I’ve been in the rooms where he’s coaching, and he has nothing to do with the pass game, at all.” McCoy continued. “When the plays are designed, that’s Andy Reid. When you talk about offensive coordinators, I can tell you what makes Brian Daboll with the Giants a very, very good [offensive] coordinator. I can tell you what [makes] Andy Reid or Doug Peterson [a good offensive coordinator]. But when I ask about Eric Bieniemy, what makes him good?”

McCoy had 465 rushing yards and 4 rushing touchdowns during his lone season in Kansas City. His time with the Chiefs was apparently long enough to witness a lack of authority from Bieniemy during film sessions.

“When we watched the film of practices and we correct the wide receivers, the running backs, the quarterbacks, he doesn’t talk in there, Andy Reid talks in there.” McCoy said of Bieniemy. “He might say things to the running backs because he’s an ex-running backs coach, I get that. But he has no real responsibility.

“Now you go from the Chiefs, where you can hide behind Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, then you go to Washington where you gotta call plays, you gotta run the meetings, you gotta run the installs.”

Twitter Reacts to LeSean McCoy’s Comments

Twitter users reacted to LeSean McCoy’s comments regarding Eric Bieniemy.

“And I’m sure it has nothing to do with you being benched and inactive all playoffs by EB in a pass heavy offensive scheme,” one Twitter user wrote. “Surely you’d never be so petty as to hold a grudge against someone benching you.”

“Meanwhile you & [Emmanuel] Acho are using EB & his move to Washington as self promotion & can’t stop talking about him in a negative way,” another user wrote. “If you can’t lift him up & celebrate this then move on & be quiet.”

“Seems clear this is more of a personal matter to me like most of your takes,” another user wrote. “Although you have a great deal of football knowledge, you seem to give your takes and opinions based on being a fan of a team or who you WANT to win. Hard to listen…imo.”

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